Integration Hitfilm 3 express and Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13

Hi, I recently bought the upgrade from Movie studio platinum 12 to movie studio platinum 13.  I had a link to Hitfilm 2 express in Movie Studio, it was integrated. But now I have the new version, and there is no link to Hitfilm in Movie Studio. There's no "Add and Hitfilm effect" or "Open in Hitfilm". So I thought installing Hitfilm 3 express would solve the problem? What can I do to integrate Hitfilm in my movie studio version?

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  • There is nothing you can do. FxHome has written their end of the code. Now SONY has to publish the patch for integration to work. Since Sony seems to have abandoned the Vegas line in favor of Catylist and hasn't bothered to do the Hitfilm 3 patch in the 16 months Hitfilm 3 has been out, I think you can assume that's now broken functionality.

    Again, there's nothing you can do and there's nothing FxHome can do. This is up to Sony.

  • Thank you, I should have kept windows 7 and my movie studio version...The good times!

  • Stupid Sony!

  • @manucalhoun PM me to find out how to do this, as it doesn't look like this is going to be officially acknowledged as possible. HF3E.jpg

  •  Hi can you explain to me, how do you integrate Sony movie studio 13 with hitfilm3 express to compose? 

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    Download Hitfilm 2 Ultimate from here:

    When you install that you'll have the demo version of Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, which will have integrated itself into Sony Movie Studio 13 when it installs.

    On your computer go to C:/Program files/FXHome/Hitfilm 2 Ultimate

    Rename the folder to HF2U

    Next to that folder you should find the Hitfilm 3 Express folder.

    Copy the whole folder to make Hitfilm 3 Express - copy

    Rename the folder to Hitfilm 2 Ultimate

    Go into the folder and rename the Hitfilm3Express program file to HitfilmUltimate

    Now in Sony Movie Studio 13, when you right click the mouse on a video file on the timeline you will find the option to Add Hitfilm Effect, which will open that file in Hitfilm 3 Express. Inside that you Make Composite File of the file in the Editor, edit it how you want to in the Composite, then save the project. Every time you save it is updated in Sony Movie Studio 13. You can keep both programs open and keep making changes in Hitfilm and saving to see them in Sony Movie Studio.

    To open the project file at another time, just click on the project file to open it in Hitfilm first, don't do 'Add Hitfilm Effect' again or it will create a second one. Then also open Sony Movie Studio and continue with your changes in Hitfilm and saving them to see in Sony Movie Studio.

    Remember when you update Hitfilm 3 Express in the future with later versions, to delete the Hitfilm 2 Ultimate folder, make a new copy from the updated Hitfilm 3 Express folder and rename Hitfilm3Express to HitfilmUltimate so that the updated version is also used in Sony Movie Studio.

    This requires a knowledge of being able to dig around a little in Windows, so of any of this is confusing to you, such as finding or renaming or copying folders, then I cannot help you further and you should find someone who is familiar with doing that to help you.

    Best of luck. :)

  • @Palacono – Thanks for posting your instructions for integrating HitFilm with Sony Movie Studio 13. Now that I’ve got the integration working I’m really impressed at how well these two applications work together. I can confirm that the fix also works with HitFilm Pro 4.

    On my system, the fix didn’t work initially, so here’s what I did...

    Copy the HitFilmFileIOPlugin.dll (dated 16/09/2013) from the HF2U folder to C:\Program Files\FXhome\HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

    Also, make sure that there’s a file called ‘HitFilm 2 Ultimate.fio2007-config’ in the root of the Movie Studio 13 folder, C:\Program Files\Sony\Movie Studio Platinum 13.0.

    (Perhaps because I also have Movie Studio 12 installed on my system,  the ‘HitFilm 2 Ultimate.fio2007-config’ file initially only appeared in the C:\Program Files\Sony\Movie Studio Platinum 12.0 folder - so I copied it to C:\Program Files\Sony\Movie Studio Platinum 13.0).

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    @efolve glad you got it working. It's great, isn't it?  The best of both worlds and you don't have to learn a new editor and still have access to all the stuff SMS  (or Vegas) can do. :D

    No idea why those extra steps were needed, Hitfilm might have decided to install into the SMS12 folder instead of SMS13 if you have both (I also have both and didn't need this, so...?), and I just checked and I have the latest version of the plugin in my Hitfilm 2 Ultimate folder, not the older one you used, but if that fix works, then it's all good. ;)

  • Just to keep everything in one place, here are some extra notes I wrote in another thread.

                 "The plugins that come with SMS13 that appear in Hitfilm as available effects, New Blue for Sony Vegas, probably won't work. I have some free/starter pack plugins that came with SMS12 and SMS13 and they either just produce a blank screen, or they have a watermark as they realise they're running in the "wrong program". Fully licenced ones would probably work fine. Not really a problem in either case as they work perfectly well in both SMS13 or SMS12.

    You can use Hitfilm 3 Express with SMS13 and then have access to the free plugins within it - as well as all the built-in 3D manipulation stuff -, and any extra add on packs that you buy for Hitfilm 3 Express later.  Any project you create in Hitfilm 3 Express you can basically drag into Sony Movie Studio 13 as if it was a video and it'll just work right on the SMS13 timeline as it calls HF3E to deal with everything it needs from it. You can then add more effects, titles, text etc. in SMS13 on top of that 'video' as normal.

    The only thing is: you can't use Hitfilm's proxy files in SMS13, so if you've added a lot of layers to your comps in Hitfilm and that clip is running a bit slowly in SMS, use the SMS13 Tools> Selectively Prerender Video option - Sony's version of proxy files - to get the speed up. "

    And in case it's not clear: the method works with Hitfilm 3 Pro and Hitfim 4 Pro. Enjoy! :D

  • Just to note as well HitFilm 3 express will intergate with the Vegas pro 13 by default like movie studio would HitFilm express 2,just a notice : ) but its the pro version so I know the price is higher , nice the info helps people so thanks @Palacono

    Sorry to say it did not work for me too well intergrates but it  makes ms 12 not function well for me afterwards ,in many ways , crashes ect, so I'll save for Vegas pro 13,

    Thanks a lot though XD

  • How much RAM do you have installed? With both programs open, less than 8Gb will involve a fair bit of  disc swapping as both programs need a good few Gb to run smoothly, which can lead to crashes/lockups in any program.

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    8gb  actually, it runs normally,  no problem ,just trying this makes it crash and broken,  even with hit film 2 express, which run bad on its own, talked to them about it already, and its outdated as it is   so not to stressed about that, time to update   
    HFE2 makes it run bad no patches or workarounds,  so does HFU2
     GPU: GeForce GT 630
    CPU:AMD Fx (tm) -6300 six core processor
    Memory: 8.00 GB ram (7.95 usable)
    Driver version;364.72
    Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

  • Hmmm... well if you had problems with HF2E and HF2U before, either Hitfilm or SMS isn't happy with something on your machine.  Which of them is crashing, SMS or Hitfilm?

    Possibly not related, but might improve general performance: your graphics card might benefit from an upgrade. It has a PassMark of 794, whereas something like the recommended GTX 970 is 8670. My 3+ years old GTX 580 is 4987 and that's on the 'only just' side of acceptable.

    Try the Hitfilm 4 Pro demo  and see how it runs in general on your machine. You can integrate it, but while in demo mode , it will not work inside SMS, you'll just get a red banner telling you to upgrade.

  • @Palacono
    thanks for the info and its movie studio that crashes once it is integrated with Hitfilm Express ver 2

    Hitfilm Express ver 2 runs very bad on its own

    They said it was not optimized as the others were, talked to them already ,after i sent vids and stuff to them showing them the issue, this version opens so slow as well,,
    all the other version run fine, until playback and fx are added, HF 4 runs great, the one that runs the best in HF 1.0  XD
    proxy helps as well as ram preview with the newer ones, but there is no RAM  preview on the editor timeline so ... that stopped things for me

    HF2 is the worst on my machine, 

    And I have considered upgrading the card, but Sv products run well on it 
    and HF editor is missing stuff I would like that Sv  or MS has, l have new blue plugins that MS came with, so, but it will work out as SV13 take all that and integrates with HFE3 so all the problems are fixed,

    also no funds : <

    and yes I know what you are taking about, tried out things so much these past few yrs , so I got that, reason why I bought MS to get a serial for Hit-Film  to work, 

  • @Palacono I have tried your method to upgrade from Hitfilm 3 Pro to Hitfilm 4 Pro in Vegas Pro 13. I own the necessary licenses. Unfortunatly Vegas just does not show "add Hitfilm effect anymore". If I rename the folders back to their original state, it works again.
    Any idea what I might have done wrong?

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    @joristenfilm what do you mean by 'it works again"? It works with Hitfilm 3 Pro, but not with Hitfilm 4 Pro?

    If it worked before with HF3Pro then the necessary integration links are there, you just need to copy everything from the Hitfilm 4 Pro folder into the folder you created that currently has a copy of Hitfilm 3 Pro in (that is named Hitfilm 2 Ultimate) and remember to change the same of the executable to HitfilmUltimate

  • @Palacono I am already using Hitfilm 3 with Sony Vegas, I want to use Hitfilm 4.
    With "it works again" I mean that if I change everything back to the way it was before renaming the integration of Hitfilm 3 works.
    If I rename everything the way you described it, it does not work.
    I have also tried installing Hitfilm 2 Ultimate and then follow your steps exacly with Hitfilm 3 Pro, but Vegas reports "an unknown error has occured" when I click on "add Hitfilm effect".

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    @joristenfilm ; I don't have Sony Vegas, only Sony Movie Studio, which did not have the automatic integration after Hitfilm 2 Ultimate, hence this workaround.

    Sony Vegas already integrates with Hitfilm 3 Pro, so all you need to do is rename that original folder to HF3Pro and rename a copy of the Hitfilm 4 Pro folder from "Hitfilm 4 Pro - copy " to "Hitfilm 3 Pro". I think the executables are both just called HitfilmPro.exe, so don't need renaming.

    Then Hitfilm 4 Pro will launch as usual, but any attempting to launch Hitfilm 3 Pro will launch the copy of Hitfilm 4 Pro you have in the Hitfilm 3 Pro folder - as used in Sony Vegas, but also from shortcuts and links from your desktop.

    That's fine if you never need to use HF3P again, but if you do, then rename the Hitfilm 3 Pro folder to Hitfilm 3 Pro-really 4 and rename back the original HF3Pro folder to Hitfilm 3 Pro again. Then rename them back when you don't need HF3P again.

  • I tried that exact way a few times. The "add Hitfilm effect" just is not shown.

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    If you ever had the 'Add Hitfilm Effect' with Hitfilm 3 Pro, then it should not go away from Vegas (because you're not changing anything in Vegas) when you replace the files with the ones from Hitfilm 4 Pro.

    OK, do this. Get it working with Hitfilm 3 Pro and "Add Hitfilm Effect".

    Then go into the Hitfilm 3 Pro folder and rename the executable from HitfilmPro to abcd.

    What happens? It should still have the "Add Hitfilm Effect", but there will be nothing to launch when you select it.

    Now copy the executable from the Hitfilm 4 Pro folder to the Hitfilm 3 Pro folder. Check they were both called HitfilmPro originally, as I've renamed mine for links from other places, so I've got executables called  called Hitfilm3Pro and Hitfilm4Pro in the folders too and I cant remember which was the original name.

    Now the "Add Hitfilm Effect" has something to launch, but it'll generate an error because Hitfilm 4 Pro needs the rest of the files in its folder to be there.

    That's why you simply rename Hitfilm 4 Pro's folder to Hitfilm 3 Pro.

    If that doesn't work, I'm stumped, sorry.

  • Palacono, although it strangly still does not work. I will look in to it further, maybe there is a File Missing, or somethong like that.
    If I find an answer, I will post it here.

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    @Palacono same  was happening to me , not sure what the problem was the add HitFilm effect was not there

    No matter how things were renamed,

    It intergated only when you inported a HF project,

    If you edited it in hitfilm   ,when HF is open

    The media is updated, but only when HF is open

    And hes after renaming, hf folderi ,the newer version lf HF openz,

    Just no option to add hf effect on the timeline

    So im guessing it will work for some depending on other things, not just the software,

  • I have the integration working with Movie Studio 13 and HitFilm 4 Pro, but I don't own Vegas Pro so I can't help with anything that's too specific to Vegas Pro 13. However, here are three things you could try that might help in testing and troubleshooting your setup...

    1. In Vegas Pro 13, click on the Help menu then choose 'About Vegas Pro'. You'll see an information box: click on the Components tab and you'll get a listing of technical info. Under the File I/O Plug-Ins you should see something like this...

    File I/O Plug-Ins
          version: 1.0.1005.51452
          path: C:\Program Files\FXhome\HitFilm 2 Ultimate\HitFilmFileIOPlugin.dll

    ... If you don't see the above entry, that indicates a problem with your setup - I'm fairly sure that HitFilm integration will not work without Vegas Pro having a reference to the HitFilm File I/O Plug-In. So you'll need to try to fix that - perhaps one or both of the following might work...

    2. Make sure that in the root of your Vegas Pro 13 installation folder there is a file called:

    HitFilm 2 Ultimate.fio2007-config
    (in your case, it might be called something like HitFilm Pro.fio-config).

    If the config file is not there, HitFilm integration will probably not work. If you have Vegas Pro 12 installed with HitFilm integration working, copy the .fio-config file from the Vegas Pro 12 folder to the Vegas Pro 13 folder. Reboot and see if that fixes the integration.

    3. Oddly, I couldn't get Movie Studio 13 integration working with HitFilm 4 Pro based on Palacono's step by step instruction in this thread until I did the following...

    Copy the HitFilmFileIOPlugin.dll (dated 16/09/2013) from the HF2U folder to C:\Program Files\FXhome\HitFilm 2 Ultimate.

  • @Joristenfilm ; What does not work? I suggested several steps and each of them would have produced some result that would have guided further progress.

    Something occurred to me: you said you'd tried the HF2U method, which is not required if you've got Sony Vegas working with Hitfilm 3 Pro because that works by design. So if you've been using HF2U, then you will have broken a perfectly working integration method, because that is only there for people with no working version of Hitfilm that integrates.

    So, uninstall and reinstall Hitfilm 3 Pro and it will reintegrate into Vegas. Check it works.

    Copy the entire Hitfilm 3 Pro folder to a new folder called HF3Pro

    Then just copy all the files from the Hitfilm 4 Pro folder into the original Hitfilm 3 Pro folder, overwriting everything that is there.

    That'll now open Hitfilm 4 Pro from Vegas.

    To get back to using Hitfilm 3 Pro (because any attempt to use it will open Hitfilm 4 Pro now), rename the Hitfilm 3 Pro folder to "Hitfilm 3 Pro- really 4" and the HF3Pro folder to "Hitfilm 3 Pro"

    But, if you're commited to using Hitfilm 4 Pro, you might never need to go back to 3 anyway.

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    The integration of Hitfilm 3 Pro works just fine. If I copy everything from the Hitfilm 4 Pro Folder to the Hitfilm 3 Pro folder, the "add Hitfilm effect" disappears. That is what happend with everything I have tried.
    I have looked for the "HitFilm.fio2007-config"-file as @efolve suggested, it is there. Also the entry regarding the Plugins in the About-Window efolve talked about is there.
    Still no "add Hitfilm effect" is shown
    Then I tried changing the dll like efolve suggested. The "add Hitfilm effect" now is shown. Hitfilm 4 opens for a very short period of time and then closes itself again without showing an error.

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    OK, I'm out of ideas.

    I don't understand how changing something in a Hitfilm folder makes a menu option disappear from Sony Vegas. They're unrelated.  I renamed the Hitfilm 2 Ultimate Folder to qwertyiop and the Add Hitfilm Effect was still there.

    To test how little Sony Vegas cares about what file is in the Hitfilm Folder, I moved out the Hitfilm file to the desktop, copied notepad into that folder, renamed it to HitfilmUltimate (you would call it HitfilmPro) and used Add Hitfilm Effect on a video. It opened the .hfp file in Notepad, where I edited it and saved it back out again.

    Maybe someone who successfully got Sony Vegas working with Hitfilm 4 Pro will chime in.

  • I do but I have no glue what might be going wrong here. I used your initial description to make it work and, yes, it works fine here.

  • @Palacono

    Hello, just wanted to update you,  did it and it worked , not only was i doing the whole process , wrong, but i had to un-install, the  newblue fx bundle that can with movie studio 12 , that made the software run awful,

    what i did wrong was copy and pasting all the HF2 files in to the HFX4/3 folder, 
    so that spoiled it, a lot, so sorry about that, before,

    thanks for the work around it works,

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