No Track Panel appears in HitFilm 3 Express

     So, I am wanting to track something in one of my videos to put a fire layer over a sword, but there is no track panel. For all I'm aware of, it has never been there for me. I have watched tutorials on Youtube and my account look2s exactly the same, but the track panel is just... not there. There hasn't been any error messages or anything. One time I accidentally floated all of the panels, but I don't think I did or even can delete any of them. If that is the case, how can I get it back? Thanks. 


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    On the upper right left of the HitFilm interface is a 3x3 grid of squares. Clicking that allows you to select (and create) a different workspace. Try the reset layout option or choosing a different workspace.

    EDIT: Sorry apparently I don't know my left from my right today

  • There it is of course!! Thanks so much, I appreciate it! 

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    Umm make sure you've started a new project and then try it. If that option is still empty then I would try uninstalling and reinstalling and if that doesn't work contact support.

    Now when I first read your post I took it as meaning you weren't seeing actual tracks in the editor but after reading it again I think you can't see how to add a tracking point. To do that make a composite shot with your clip. Under Layers in that composite shot click the triangle to the left of your clip to twirl open extra controls. You should see a list - Tracks, Masks, Effects, Transform, Audio each with its own triangle  Tracks and Effects should have a + or a pushpin on the right. Clicking the for Tracks will add a tracking point. You might have to expand this part of the UI to see the + 

    Once you add a tracker it should automatically switch to the tracking controls tab. If not, you should have a panel with tabs across the top labeled CONTROLS, LIFETIME, TEXT and TRACK. The track tab is the one you want

  • help me please, i have hitfilm express. but i don't have the 'controls' panel. i tried everything but it's not working. (btw sorry for my english but i'm dutch) :)

  •  help me please. i have hitfilm express. but i don't have the 'controls' panel. i tried everything. (btw sorry for my english but i'm dutch) :)

  • @akexiane ; Look at the top of the HF window (a little left of center) and you'll see a small box made up of squares.  Click on that and make sure Controls is checked.

    If that doesn't fix it you could try clicking "Reset Layout" from the same menu.

    If that doesn't work, then un-install, reboot and install the software again.  That will put everything back to default.

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