A Harry Potter type title opening



  • @aladdin4d .. where is that template in Titler 4 pro?

  • Hey guys, while i have your attention, i have a quick question on a totally unrelated subject. If the thread gets big, i will start a new one.

    Ive been learning After Effects and purchased the Jet Strike pack almost 2 years ago.  I followed Andrew Kramers tutorial on how to create a jumbo jet scene flying with a custom logo on side of the aircraft.  It came out pretty good.

    i attempted to create this scene in Hitfilm but didnt get very far since i could not get the 3d jet (obj) model to work. Hitfilm imports the model but it does not look anything like the AE one upon initial import. What am i doing wrong?

  • @LIFE_LEADERSHIP NewBlue released 2 more template collections sometime last year and the one I linked to is in the Kinetic Collection


    The other one is called the Fluid Collection


    They're $59.00 each from NewBlue but you might find it a few bucks cheaper through a reseller like Safe Harbor

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    I cannot remember exactly. The text style started as the "Epic" style in what is now called the Reflections collection. Then I just changed what I had by adding the "Gold" texture as an environment map for this example.  

    The animation is a combo of "Fly Past" and "Spin Back" transitions on entry and "Infinity" as an exit transition. Here is a NB project file dropbox of that sequence.


    The thing I like about NB is the ability to do keyframeless animation. You can overlap/combine any of the primitives to get something different.

  • I love the font applied and the color combination. Also the 3D dimension makes it more aesthetic

  •  @LIFE_LEADERSHIP I have a mind like a steel trap that I use in a capture and release sort of way so a lot of things have been released but didn't you ask about how to do a Universal style intro with Titler Pro on the NewBlue forums? I know you did here and you ended up doing a great job but I'm just wondering if NewBlue stole your idea to make a for profit template instead of actually answering your questions and helping you.

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     Hey there @Aladdin4d,  that's funny..  I actually did that Universal intro via Cinema 4d and cleaned it up in Hitfilm.  I may have asked about a universal logo on the  new blue forum,  but I don't recall.  There's little activity on that msg board so I don't go there much. 

    I saw new blues universal logo but it's not quite like the official opener.  I like their template but I really didn't need it for 59 bucks.  It looks like a nice template package but I now enjoy creating or recreating the openers myself.   They could of stole my idea but that idea has been around a while  :=) 

  •  Gents,

    Here is yet another version of the Harry Potter opening, this time with the infamous Gold text we have been talking about.. Its not perfect and its my interpretation of the 2nd Harry Potter movie opening but i did what i could.  Let me know what you think.. This was created with Cinema 4d, titler Pro 4 and of course Hitfilm.


  • Pretty! Great stock footage! 

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