A Harry Potter type title opening

I threw together a Harry Potter Title opener using Titler Pro 4 and Hitfilm 4 Pro.. 




  • very nice!

    Now, you must tell . . . . which parts were 3D imported and which were pure HF?

  • So what's the release date for The Awesome Template?

  • I'll guess the text and logo were done in Titler Pro 4 but they can likely be done in HF4 using Boris.

  • Sorry Guys, I re rendered it, with a bit of music and flare.. Check this one out



  • I used Titler Pro for the title and yes you can use Boris for this effect.  I haven't messed around with Boris yet since I am pretty comfortable with it.  I could have also used Cinema 4d which would have taken a bit to render so Titler Pro worked well.

    The WB logo was created with Cinema 4d but if you wanted to cheat a little, you could render a copy online at www.ivipid.com

    The rest of it was created and composited with Hitfilm 4 Pro with some template footage i found.. If anyone wants the files, let me know, id be more than happy to share them..


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Looks nice! There's an odd flicker for one frame right as the main title passes by, like the camera is clipping geometry? 

    My guess is text in Boris, BG generated media--clouds and fractal noise. Looks like there's a particle system in there, too! 

  • Mike,

    I just noticed that flicker, Ill have to go back thru it when i have time... Good catch!  

    I had to create this one for my Brother in law who is a VP of Post Production at Warner Bros.  I got to see parts of the movie being made in the studio right before release.. pretty cool to be part of that ....i sent his a small change to the titles... http://sternvisualproductions.com/2016/01/29/godzilla-sternzilla-quick-title-shot/

  • @LIFE_LEADERSHIP That's looking pretty dapper if I must say, Nicely done chap! 

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    Nice Sternzilla title. ;-) 

    Just for gits and shiggles, here's all the Harry Potter titles. 


    Notice how it really settled down into "same ol, same ol" with "Order of the Phoenix." Still, any of these can easily be done in Hitfilm. The biggest issue would be making the parody "WB"  logo. Otherwise, none of these are that complex. 

  • Mike,

    Thanks, now i am inspired to do a few of the other openings.  Quite frankly i didn't spend much time on the one i did so on my next one, ill pay more close attention to details..

    There are some great tutorials and templates out there for the WB logo.  I have templates for both C4d and Blender.. Not everyone has those programs and there is a steep learning curve for both.  I'm just now coming up to speed on them.  




  • I would guess with the WB logo you can download a free EPS version of the logo. That can be extruded. Then you need a ring you can extrude to slide over that.

    Boris in Hitfilm4 can do the EPS extrusions but sadly since there are two items and we have to slide one over the other in 3D we are stopped. Boris extrusion is an effect and is not creating 3D objects we can move around.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    The ring can be cheated since one never sees the back of the shield. Make two half-ring, put the back under the shield and the front on top. Set up the shield move first in one Boris Layer, then duplicate twice, and drop in the rings--then everything has the same camera path. Once the update comes out to link Boris to Hitfilm's cameras this all becomes easier. 

  • So how are you guys liking Boris? Any limitations ? 

    also, Here is a new render of Harry Potter opening... just messing around

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/qw1u5yxp682vyqp/STERN POTTER.mp4?dl=0

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    I've only done a couple of things in Boris. Mostly as a way to familiarize myself with it.

    I think Boris is very capable. The output quality is good but kinda slow. It's a bit of a pain to apply a gradient to the text. Type on Text allows a reasonable amount of letter animations without keyframing. We have warps/deformers and text paths (a limited #, no ability to add). We have extruded EPS for logos/whatever and splines for basic shapes. I am used to NewBlue Titler Pro and these are all things that NewBlue has. Mostly NewBlue is easier to use. It has it's own user interface. As an OpenFX plug-in, Boris is stuck with that interface.

    The Boris generated stuff is not a real 3D object. It is just an effect on a plane. You cannot do some things you can do with real 3D objects. Like receive reflections from its surroundings. 

    For someone wanting to do elaborate animations on letter/word/lines, then Boris falls short of that capability compared to something like NewBlue Titler Pro. What we save with the ability to keyframe sub-elements is having one text style setup for all the separate elements being animated. The keyframing is the same work.

    Hitfilm native text has font support problems and jagged edge problems depending on font use and size. Boris has none of these problems. I think the Boris addition is the fix/solution for the native Hitfilm text problems and weak feature set.

  • What Norman said. And the reminder that, in theory, some point this year we'll get an update letting Boris interface with Hitfilm's cameras and lights. At that point Boris will be more useful and easier to integrate into a scene. 


  • Yep, and that is something NewBlue will probably never be able to do. I did submit such a feature request to NewBlue when they supported Hitfilm as a host. I got the no plans, thanks for you input response.

    One other thing I hope happens with the Boris updatein Hitfilm. Right now we have the Vegas feature set of the plug-ins (non layered). We can only reference the current "source" layer. Specifically for the "texture layer" and "bump layer" properties it would be nice to reference other layers. Obviously since both properties can only reference the same single layer there is a conflict. The AE version lets you reference layers for these two properties.

  • Oh, to go back on topic, Ben, nice retweak of the Potter titles.

    Oddly enough, this time I actually watched on my laptop, and, of course, had to mess around in VLC to get aspect ratios correct, yet on a cell phone, Aspect ratios automatically adjust. Oh well... if my only complaint about VLC after over a decade is bad auto-detection of aspect ratios, no big deal.

  • I haven't started using Boris simply because I am pretty comfortable with Titler Pro. I created the HarryPotter text with TP4 and I'm happy with the quality.  Of course Cinema 4d renders text out beautifully so that's what Ive been using more and more.  

    I've also been learning  After Effects and I gotta tell you, even though it's expensive to have and hard to learn, I'm impressed with Element 3d and all of the text tools it offers.  Hitfilm will always be my favorite though for multiple reasons even though I wish HF offered more AE type options. 

  • I used Boris to create the titles for my Harry Potter-like intro and it worked better than I ever expected.  Amazingly powerful tools.

    I happen to own NewBlue Titler Pro due to it being bundled with Sony Vegas Pro 12 and I like it, but I like Boris a lot better.  It's very well integrated into Hitfilm 4 Pro, and while some small things are missing to make it even better, it is supremely powerful as is.


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    Here's a question @NormanPCN .... Do you know the original Harry Potter opening with the Gold Reflective text ?  Do you think it's possible to recreate that texture and gold reflective color in Titler 4 Pro?

    in the video above I'm referring to the titles text from tyne first and or second HP opening 

  • Ben, Newblue Titler Pro does support Environment Maps, so you should be able to get a nice metallic gold with a proper base color then a gradient of the proper colors being used as an environment map. Similar to the types of metallic effects you can actually get in Hitfilm using 3D extrusion.

  • Mike,

    I'm familiar with the environment maps since i used that for the HP text i created.  I am just figuring out where to get it..

  • Hmmmm... I haven't bothered installing Titler 4 Pro on my new system yet. Maybe I'll do that later tonight and take a look myself.

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    I've never tried to do reflective stuff. Very shiny, Yes. Trying for a reflective surface, No. Pretty basic stuff. Nothing like your HP titles.

    I did get a nice looking shiny glinty gold while messing around with an idea once.  As I remember I started with a preset and moved from there. "Epic" I believe was the preset name.

  • In titler pro you can introduce lights so maybe a reflective surface with a light shining on the text would work, no?

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    Yes. I had lights and the text moved and the shininess gave me hotspot(s) as the text moved. Something shiny can or should be reflective but what I never looked at is how to get something into NB for the text to reflect.

    There is an environment map for the texture but then that texture replaces the gold. Maybe you need an additional face for the reflection on top of the shiny gold face with the reflection face at some level of transparency.

    Boris is kinda similar. There is a reflection property but that only references an external file. I'm not sure if we can add files to show up in that list.

    This whole WB logo thing you've done is giving me an itch. I was just screwing around with some WB eps logos I downloaded. All I DL'd from public sites failed to load into Boris. It said invalid format. NewBlue just flipped their switches, or did nothing, on the files. Boris obviously does some consistency checking.

    A WB eps logo downloaded directly from Time Warner works just fine. However, it is slightly different than your logo. The letters are cutouts of the solid shield background.

    I also verified that NewBlue is pseudo 3D, which is what I assumed. By that I mean an extruded eps and a "ring" layer are not true 3D objects that can be positioned in space. They are visually 3D but are 2D planes drawn in layer order. I created a ring in NB similar to Boris. I create a circle shape (spline in Boris), mark it as outline and extrude.

    I don't think NB can simulate the 3D object with movement like yours. Heck even statically. No way to mask the back of the ring. Hitfilm with Boris can as the mighty Triem23 previously outlined.


  • Well, even with Boris I did suggest making two half-rings and layering them in front of and behind the shield, which could be done with NB as well.

    Sorry, my NewBlue is still sitting on my prior computer which is totally out of service until the new power brick arrives. I can't deactivate that license and move it to my current machine, so I won't be able to poke around in there myself.  I'm pretty sure that for a gold look i would start with a yellow/orange base color, then I would load in one of the preset gradients in the NewBlue software as an environment map, and that would be that.

    The video below is just the trailer video for one of NewBlue's preset looks pack, but it does show some glassy and metallic styles, so it can most certainly be done.


    This very short tutorial talks about shiny text--look at the interface when the narrator selects the environment map button for his text.... Right above that button you'll see a red square, which is the thumbnail for the current texture. If memory serves, it's clicking on that thumbnail to assign the Environment Textures, which, for gold would be a yellow/brown gradient of some kind.


    Also, I totally forgot that Titler Pro supports Normal Maps, which will be useful if you're trying for a beaten and weathered look.


    Finally here's a fun tutorial for Titler Pro 3 which isn't totally relevant to the Potter project, but it does show how Titler Pro is, in itself, actually a complete mini-compositor. Again, if memory serves, this tutorial might also go into making metallic text.


  • This is to one the newest templates for Titler Pro but it does show what can be done.


  • If you have a half ring eps then you do the same thing extruding that for both Boris and NewBlue. Creating a half ring using the native options of those tools is another matter. In Boris you can create an extruded line spline and use the curl deformer option to bend the line/ribbon into a half ring. I don't know how to create a half ring in NB.

    Yes, if all you want is a shiny glinty surface then create and save  some gold color gradient, multiple gradient, or maybe better yet just use their stock "Gold" texture with environment map option checked. You can't use a face gradient as an environment map. Only a texture file. The stock "gold" texture has a wavy liquid gold look so you will get a lot of glinty glimmer over the surface. Having shiny gold that is also reflecting surroundings probably takes a couple of faces. One for the gold and one for the surroundings.

    In the past I only used a gold gradient with the shiny slider turned up and letting the light give the shiny glimmer.

    Here is an example with the Gold texture on some text with movement. I just subbed my gold gradient for the gold texture with environment map in an existing title. Also, shininess is at 92.


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    Awesome, that looks pretty good. Oh and Mike, i had the same licensing ussue and simply emailed them over at Newblue and they allowed me to transfer program to new computer without having to unregister old one.

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