Split screen masking border (uneven)

Split screen masking has a problem with the border being uneven across it's length. Only the first cut has an uneven border width. All others, if activated, are good.

Split Screen Screenshot


  • @NormanPCN Just checked and this doesn't happen for me everything is ok.

  • @NormanPCN - I don't see this either, is there a step missing or adjustment made that you might have forgotten?

  • NormanPCN Just tried this myself but all is ok for me, damn it if you have too tilt your screen a tad ;)  

  • Hmm, okay it is not systemic. Maybe it is an AMD driver thing, or a Norman installation/uninitialized thing. All I have to do is adjust the border width to something thick enough to notice the uneven width. Any and all presets will show the uneven width of the first cut.

    Windows 7, i7 4770k 4Ghz, 16GB, AMD 7950 GPU, 3GB, driver 15.7

    I just did the following steps

    1. Open Hitfilm
    2. New, Start compositing (project is 8-bit, 1920x1080p29.97)
    3. New plane (select grey color)
    4. Add split screen masking effect to plane
    5. Make border wider.

    Here is the resulting screen shot. There could be a clue in this screen shot. The upper right is a square end point and the lower left looks to be rounded.


  •  NormanPCN 

    Right now; 
    AMD FX3850
    AMD R9 290X
    Driver version 15.20

    Do you have another machine you can test this on ?

  • Win 10
    AMD FX 8320
    AMD 7950 3GB, Driver 15.3
    32 GB

    Win 7
    Intel Core i7-3930K
    Nvidia GTX 780 Ti 3GB, Driver 359.00
    16 GB

  • edited November 2015

    As a point of clarification the driver version I listed was the Catalyst version number. Not one of the various technical version numbers.

    I noticed that the new Crimson drivers are finally out. Version 15.11. Sadly no change on my machine/installation.

    FWIW, I do remember seeing this in HF3 as well. I don't think I ever reported it.

  • @NormanPCN Actually you did mention it before


    My AMD driver is also the Crimson driver and the 15.30 came from the download version number. I was lazy and didn't dig deeper than that.

    • "Actually you did mention it before"

    Cool. A blast from the past. Seeing that thread does explain why I ever ending up looking at SSM in the first place. Trying out the BCC Text in HF4, which can also have 10+ points, reminded me of when I briefly fiddled with SSM.

    SSM does not seem to like my installation.

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