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Hi, I have recorded lots of footage with a mono Rode Videomic and I would love to know how to copy the audio to both channels in Hitfilm 2 or if I need to use another program to do this. Thanks.

Edit: If I need Hitfilm 3 to do this, I will be installing Express the moment i get a chance tomorrow or sometime.


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    If you're dealing with true mono tracks then you shouldn't have to do anything. On the other hand if it's just one channel of a stereo track then you probably need use Audacity or something like it to copy one channel to the other or convert it to a true mono track. Installing FFMpeg for Audacity will let you open your clips in Audacity but you'll have to export the corrected audio as wav files and then link them in HitFilm later.

  • Thank you Aladdin4d for letting me that, I was just gonna order Hitfilm, your answer saves a lot of money. Now I just need edit my footages in Pavtube video converter and then play on my computer.

  • emma24xia, you can get Hitfilm 3 Express for free right now.

    Aladdin4d, thanks for the help. Do you know if there is a video tutorial on how to do this?

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @raptor1138 Not of the top of my head but once you have your track open in Audacity there's a drop down menu to the left of it just above the Mute and Solo buttons. Click that and select Split Stereo to Mono. Close the empty track by clicking the X. just above the Mute and Solo buttons for that track. Now you could just leave it as a true mono track and export it'll play through both channels or you could make a "fake" stereo track with the same thing on both channels. To do this select the remaining track (click between the Mute and Solo buttons and the drop down menu) then under the Edit menu select Duplicate. Now click the drop down menu again (top track) only this time select "Make Stereo Track" and export.

    To link them in HitFilm import your clip and the new wav file. Drop the clip on the timeline, right click and select Unlink. Select just the audio and delete it. Now drop your new wav in place of the old audio, select both the audio and the video, right click and select Link


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