Timeline Markers/Waveform representation

This was raised four years ago: http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/301/please-add-markers. Any progress? A seemingly simple facility to mark spots on the timeline would make syncing so much easier in certain cases.

I also find it very tricky to synchronise two clips which have the same soundtrack (eg shots from multiple cameras of the same subject) as the waveform is not very clear.


  • Edit: I've just seen the markers wish is at the top of the Timeline Wishlist., but I'll leave this post as a gentle reminder :)


  • No, not implemented yet...

    If it helps, as a workaround until we have real markers, you can use a point layer (or any other layer) with a length of 1 frame as a surrogate, as you can snap things to other layer's start and end points. Just placing it in the right spot might be a little bit trickier as you don't have a direct line to match it with waveforms.

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    Unfortunately it's the placing on the markers/single frames that's more of a problem. Tapping a key when playing the audio is what I do regularly in Vegas and I so miss it here :)

  • Ah okay, I understand. That's indeed not possible in HitFilm, though it would be helpful :)

  • Hey... I found that using the Set in point/Set Out point helped me here.



  • +1 for markers, little bump !

  • +1 for markers. would really help with syncing sound when the WAV is too small to see, and the merge/sound/sync has failed for some reason.


  • any further hope about this functionnality ?


  • There’s always hope. When will it actually happen? Only the FXHOME team knows for sure, and they haven’t announced anything yet. 

  • Honestly, the fact that simple markers are missing is the sole reason I dropped Hitfilm and switched to Adobe Products...

  • @AlexanderHeim add it to the wish list 

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