Do we know how Hitfilm will run on Windows 10 yet?

I don't like Windows 8 and I'm looking to upgrade to Windows 10, but I don't want to do that if Hitfilm will stop working.  Anyone know how Hitfilm is running under Windows 10? 


  • Well, I'm using it right now on the windows 10 insider preview (version 10130) and it seems to be fine. Compatibility between versions is usually to be expected with Microsoft in recent years, and I haven't noticed any problems yet.

  • We're testing right now. I'm not aware of any issues as yet!

  • Same here - as of now, HitFilm has been behaving very well in the Windows 10 tech preview!

  • What I've seen of Windows 10, it's not much different from Windows 8. Still app centred which is great for your smartphone or tablet, not so much for pc's. Sadly my new computer came with Windows 8.1; the most horrendous roll-out since windows 95 and the bluescreen of death.

  • We have 4 computers at home with Windows 8.1. If you only use the old desktop mode and ignore the Metro GUI (which i do since day one) it isn't much different then Windows 7. I had no problem with it.

    I know some power users that think the same way. The Windows 8 bashing would go away mostly if it wasn't for the stupid Metro part probably.

  • Glad to hear positive feedback, I am considering to upgrade my computer OS recently.

  • @Kadri Exactly. A lot of the Windows 8 bashers out there don't seem to understand that you can, for most situtations, completely ignore the Modern UI if you don't like it. Just boot straight to the desktop, and start programs by hitting the windows key, typing in the beginning of the program name, and hit enter - and even that only if you haven't pinned it to the taskbar or the desktop. Been this way since Vista, and it got gradually better and faster with every version of Windows. (And yes I do consider myself a power user, too.)

  • 8.1 has an option to bypass the Metro features and returns Windows to a more traditional desktop based OS. I do like the full screen start page 'cause I've learned to pin all kinds of things to the start page that allow quick access. They can be grouped by type too which is nice. My only complaint now is the personalization options were far more flexible in XP and 7 than in 8 or 8.1. Hope 10 returns a few features they took out.

  • With the free upgrade scheme to 10 there's gonna be a huuuuuuge take-up compared to usual, so you can bet we'll be all over it.

  • SimonKJones- I have no doubt.            

  • Hi,

    I am currently running HitFilm 3 Express on Windows 10.

    I get a "HitFilm 3 express has stopped working" error every time I try to open a video clip.

    I do not think it works properly on Windows 10

    Please help, does anyone have a answer on how to fix this?

  • @JustNatBro Can you confirm those videos worked with HF3 Express on other versions of Windows? Otherwise it might be the codec's fault. HF3 is working fine on my installation of Windows 10 with any video I throw at it, so without further info I can't really say more than it's probably not only windows 10 that's the problem here.

  • @JustNatBro - I can run HF3E on my W10 laptop- haven't encounter any problem. Do you have Quicktime installed? GPU drivers updated? Before contacting support I would try a clean install. First uninstall from control panel>add/remove programs. Then delete the downloaded file from your downloads folder AND from the program folder on your c: drive. If that doesn't resolve the issue you might have to contact support.

  • Running HitFilm 3 Express on Windows 10, runs really well, never had a problem.

  • Several forum members state they are running Hitfilm 3 express in Win 10.  How do you get it to install?  Mine fails every time.  I've been seeing this behavior in other software of late.  So far the problem has been that the installer has not been updated so it doesn't recognize Windows 10.

    Did you use the standard installer from the web site? It specifically says for Win 7 [with backwards compatibility]. If you did use the Win 7-labeled installer, do you have any idea what else the problem might be?

  • @eyore15 - I used the installer from the website and everything went fine. What are the specs of your computer?

  • eyore15  I am running windows 10 as well and been so since using Hitfilm 3 Pro and now running 4 Pro. 3 Pro ran fine with no problems on my laptop but when I did go to 4 Pro there were issues that would not let things work inside the program. But after the previous update #3 all issues fixed (was a gpu issue with 4 Pro) but since update #3 everything runs smooth and like 3 did. Is your windows 10 64 bit  and all drivers up to date with your GPU?

  • It's an HP Envy.  The problem has been resolved since I sent asked the question originally.  I had to have HP look at a separate problem.  They ran a "search and repair" program I'd never seen before and when they were done the problem I called them about was solved and with it Hittman 3 Express installed also.

    Thanks for being willing to dig into it.

  • @eyore15 Glad to hear it! Problems like these are most often configuration-specific, and don't have much to do with just the operating system, this could probably have happend just as well with Windows 8. Windows always had really good binary compatibility, meaning  a program that was built for one version of Windows would with just very few exceptions run just as well on any later version. That's one reason Windows is so dominant today.

  • It's worked so far (usually) for me but I sure wish I hadn't "up"graded to Win 10!

    Besides sometimes being stuck in a loop of never "restarting" and the annoying unannounced updates that cause the system  to lag, and other little quirks, I very much am steamed that I can't use my Favorite Editor (and Musical Best Friend)  Ableton Live 8 (the Suite version).

    I've been trying to make Audacity, Sound Forge, and sometimes Acid do my bidding but they just can't do the kind of Magic  that Live can!

    (...can you tell I'm more than a little bit biased by this point?) ;)

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    @eyore15 - "...and when they were done the problem I called them about was solved and with it Hittman 3 Express installed also."

    Hittman 3 Express? I think you're looking for the dark net website.  lol ;^)

    Glad the problem got resolved. Is the tool they ran exclusive to techs only or can you use it too?

    @DrFnord - When I first installed W10 I got all kinds of blue screen errors. I went back to 8.1. Then I started getting all these blue screen errors in 8.1. After seeking help from the Microsoft community website and having a guy look at Windows minidump files he told me a driver was out of date from July of last year. The only driver that had anything close to that date was an Intel driver but the Intel driver utility never found a new driver. Out of desperation, I went back to W10 to see if the same issue was occurring. Then my NVIDIA 970 updater (GeForce Experience)stopped running smoothly and I couldn't update drivers for that. So I called NVIDIA support and eventually a complete re-install of the software was required then *poof* I was able to get NVIDIA updates again........and the Intel driver utility found a new driver after 9 months of trying to figure out what was going wrong. It's now been over a week since I've seen a blue screen and W10 hasn't run better. So the cause isn't always clear as to what might be causing an issue. In this case, even through all the problems I had, HitFilm never stopped working properly- even when the NVIDIA driver couldn't be updated.

    Computers: Can't live without 'em- can't always trust 'em.

  • From my "research" a programmer said it was extremely difficult to go back to 8.1 or before because the systems he worked on would just update back to 10!!! He had to go through the OS with a rigorous and finely toothed comb before he got rid of its' Auto Update protocols. Cheeky Sneaky Bastards!!! ;)

  • @StormyKnight "Can't always trust 'em" - You misspelled "never".

    There's this nice saying: "Programmers are playwrights, and computers are just really lousy actors."

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Note, if you are on Windows 7,8 or 8.1 you MUST turn off Automatic Windows Updates or you WILL be upgraded to Windows 10. Microsoft has made Windows 10 a "high-priority" abd "recommended" AND "critical" Update for Windows 7,8 , 8.1. 

    If you roll back from Windows 10, re-read previous paragraph. From now on you'll actually need to manually check update lists to prevent yourself from being automatically upgraded. 

  • @Triem23 thanks for that little nudge, I have had my computer flagging that my update is ready but I needed to push the GO button, I have just unchecked that option. Happy on Win7 for now.

  • No auto update to Windows 10 from Windows 7 here.

  • @Triem23 Good Call!

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    There's also a stop gap if this happens: If Windows 10 does get downloaded automatically to your computer, when it starts installing it will give you the "Terms of Service". To prevent W10 from continuing to install click on the button declining or not agreeing to the terms of service. That will prevent you from having to go back to your previous operating system 'cause it doesn't actually install until you agree to the terms of service.

    I've gone the route of installing W10 and going back to 8.1. I believe that may be what caused me all kinds of problems the past few months. Somehow current Intel drivers weren't being found by Windows update or Intel's Driver Utility. If you don't want W10 decide before it gets installed and you have to uninstall to the previous OS.

    Now, since I found the driver that was causing me all kinds of issues and got it updated, Windows 10 has been working quite well. Now 10 days without a Blue Screen of Death!!! Yay!!!

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