Remote Software Disabling

Whats the deal with this company?   I installed their software and then out of the blue I get a email that my software install was disabled...  

So they disabled the software on my laptop remotely while I was working on a project...   not cool at all folks...

Think I'm going to pass on this editor....  don't need to have my projects compromised by some computer jockey deciding to kill the software without notice....

Sucks...  :-(


  • They disabled a licensed copy?

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    Perhaps you should ask what's going on before making sweeping accusations? Perhaps you encountered a bug, perhaps you have a registry error. 

    A user last year wanted to combine his two accounts into one to combine his Ultimate and Express in a single account. Hitfilm dev @Ady indicated at that time that FxHome staff didn't actually maintain direct access to user accounts or licenses so there's likely something going on that is NOT deliberate action from Fxhome. 

    What possible reason would FxHome have for randomly turning off an install? That makes no sense. 

    On a related note I had some NewBlue Effects that kept unregistering themselves every month--a bug NewBlue fixed. To repeat, my NewBlue Effects disabled themselves multiple times due to a BUG not malicious action. 

    Calm down and file a bug report and contact customer service. FxHome is a very friendly company. 

  • Was it a licensed copy?  You didn't mention that.  I'd actually be impressed if their copy protection was that good......

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Hate to say it @dancerchris but it's a good question. 

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    Hi @dixter,

    Sorry to hear you're having a negative experience, that does sound confusing and quite annoying.

    It's certainly not our policy to disable software without reason, but in some cases this may occur if there is a payment dispute, or indeed if there is a bug.

    It may also be that it wasn't your software which was disabled, but an activation of your software - a license for HitFilm permits activating on 3 computers at once, so if you activate on a 4th computer the oldest activation is deactivated automatically.

    When you have a moment, could you email us at and we'll look into this right away. Please include the email address you originally used when registering your software, and any information you can provide about how you purchased the software.

    Edit: Clarified my explanation of activations

  • No it was a legit purchased copy... I only had it on one computer....  after you guys de activated it I took it off of my computer....    thanks for at least telling me why ( NOT ) that you de activated it while I was working a project....

    I don't need that kind of crap when working.... 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Dixter, please notice the staff member above noted the possibility of there having been a bug before trying to gather additional data (number of installs). He also noted that it's not FxHome's policy to disable software. 

    Have you submitted bug reports or provided any information as requested above to help FxHome help you (which they are trying to do), or are you satisfied with non-productive sarcasm?

    As I stated above I had a NewBlue issue with my software uninstalling. It was a bug that has been resolved, but in that case, I kept my cool and communicated calmly with them to fix the issue. I didn't effectively start running around calling NewBlue thieves (which is what you're doing here with FxHome). 

    Either re-install the software, provide the information FxHome asked for and get your issue resolved, or contact customer support about a refund and give up on the software. But your current posts aren't resolving your issue either way. 

    Again, FxHome is a very friendly company, and they will try to help you out. Your issue is probably unique, considering this forum and other online reviews aren't full of similar complaints. They responded to your initial post within hours. Unlike Adobe, where last time I contacted customer service it took three weeks for them to get back to me. 

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    I'm sorry but I'm a bit confused. So the software was "disabled" while you were working on a project but you didn't get any notification from the software about that. Instead you were notified by an email and that's how you learned your software was "disabled"?

    Afterwards instead of contacting support right away you post here and within a short period of time an FXHome staff member responds, apologizes for any problems, offers a couple of possible explanations and then asks you to send your registration and purchase information directly to support so they can get to work on the problem right away. 

    Apparently instead of complying with supplying the information so FXHome could do something outrageous like help you and fix the problem,  you uninstall the software and don't respond for an entire week.

    When you do finally respond it's to tell everybody you actually purchased the software and to complain some more. If I've gotten anything wrong please let me know because I just don't get it. None of it makes sense to me. I've NEVER used software that required activation that didn't notify me when there was an issue with the activation. I've had it happen with Windows,  Office and a couple other programs over the years but while the software notified me, I never got an email from anybody about the status of my activations. When it has happened I didn't post on any forums asking snarky questions or uninstall the software I paid good money for taking a loss. Instead I contacted support ASAP every time and every time after answering all of their questions my problems were resolved. 

    Maybe you're independently wealthy or you just don't care about money but I'm not and I do care about money so I wouldn't stop or take a week's timeout until the problem was solved or I had a refund.


  • To clarify this situation, which is pretty unique and unusual:

    Some third party resellers are currently offering HitFilm 2 Express to customers. A serial code glitch at the start of March meant that serial codes for a different product (Pro) were accidentally provided to a handful of Express customers.

    Once the mistake was noticed, those customers were issued with correct serial codes for their purchased product, and the incorrect serials were deactivated (as they should never have been issued in the first place).

    Hope that helps to explain the situation.

  • Serial code glitch eh? Sounds like the back story for another HF tutorial :D

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