ProRes XQ support in Windows?

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Has anyone found a way to get ProRes XQ to work in windows, or is apple pulling an AT&T here?


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    Apple's support for Quicktime on Windows has been...minimal...for quite some time now. I believe Quicktime is still only 32-bit on Windows, and you can't encode standard ProRes using Quicktime (although you can at least read it).

    It seems unlikely they'll put much work into putting new features into the Windows version anytime soon, though I'd love to be proved wrong!

    (I moved this into the 'Filmmaking' category as it's not really specific to HF3)

  • I can't load ProRes XQ in HitFilm on my mac, either.  Sigh. I was hoping to avoid needing to do any of this edit on my mac, because I'm just getting sick of the problems it has. Hopefully the new DNxHD format will enable being less stuck with macs.

  • I've been using DNxHD for a while on windows as my prefered filetype and haven't had any problems.  It does seem to be the 'prores' for windows.

  • When I get a Windows machine that's able to run Resolve (my current one doesn't have enough of a GPU) I'll start using DNxHD also. In the interim I need a cross platform option. 

  • DNxHD is cross platform... 

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    @Triem23 I'll have to see what Resolve has by way of DNxHD output options in OSX. It's a bummer that the Pocket cinema cameras don't have DNxHD as a recording option, but fortunately the BMCC does.

  • Yeah, I use DNxHD pretty regularly on both my Mac and my PC, with no problems at all.

    Then again, I also export ProRes from my Mac and run it on my PC pretty regularly without issues.

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    I've been using ProRes HQ quite a bit without issues on both machines, and I didn't run into any problems until I tried using  XQ. I suppose I ought to start using DNxHD as an intermediate format instead of ProRes, assuming I can export to DNxHD with Resolve on my mac... my current PC can't run Resolve unfortunately.

  • Ah, I've not used XQ at all, so that would be the variable I missed.

  • It was my first attempt at using it also.

  • I would like to point you to the next upcoming release of the Miraizon ProRes codec component for Windows. It gets full support (read & write) for all known ProRes flavours even for the 4444 XQ version.

  • I hope that comes soon. My mac is ridiculously unreliable. I only use it at all right now because it can run Resolve and my Surface can't, so I will be very happy to require the mac even less.

  • Hey @WhiteCranePhoto, what is up with your Mac? Maybe some forum members can help? What model is it? :)

  • It's a MacBook Pro Retina, 15",  2.7 GHz model.

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