Warn Status?

Been busy creating so I have not been around here much.
Log in today and under my avatar in little blue letters are the words "Warn Status".
HMMM....click on takes me to a page where it looks like I could get a verbal spanking from a moderator
for being a bad boy.
Is this new? Haven't seen this before.
No warnings there for me its just the first time I have noticed this.
Anybody else see this or am I special?


  • "Verbal spanking" Hahaha! I have one too, no worries!
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    Everyone has one.  It's so if we do something dumb like intentionally start fights or post something illegal or subversive or whatever, we get REAMED BY THE HITFILM POLICE.  RISE UP AGAINST THIS INJUSTICE MY BROTHERS!  OUR VOICES MUST BE HEARD!
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    I've been trying for months, unsuccessfully, to get some sort of 'warn status'. The idea of a "status" just appeals to me 'cause I have a reputation to live down to. Wood, Daniel Wood, said I wasn't being bad enough. :( Just my luck!
  • I clicked mine and it said "Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!"
  • Haha, you guys are awesome :D Well the warn status itself is nothing new, I don't know since when you can see the link publicly though. But it is, I have to say, very rarely used on these forums- mostly due to the great HitFilm community  :) 
  • It's there to alert you of how much of a badass you are ;)
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    Wood, Daniel Wood, said I wasn't being bad enough. :(

    Was about to ask about this, then I saw Wood, Daniel Wood's profile picture. 
    Makes sense. :D Hitfilm's resident dapper English chap.  

  • HA!!! Instead of "Warn Status" they should use a blinking/flashing picture of Daniel!!
    "Now you must see Mr. Wood!....Daniel Wood."
    What a great picture!

  • Comparing the pic of the Doctor with Wood, Daniel Wood, it seems to me Mr. Wood would be good @-) ;in either role!
  • DanielGWoodDanielGWood Staff
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    The warn status link has always been there, but in a previous version of the forum software it was a little more subtle (I think a plus/minus button and some kind of bar?). It is indeed the home of the verbal spanking.
    Bond out.

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