about improvements...

Hello, I am playing around with the demo and like the software. Something I´d really appreciate is the option to use plugins (probably that has been mentioned already in other threads?). I guess that many users who aren´t new to filmmaking will have bought some plugins in the past, and got used to using them, although there are quite a lot of effects already available in HitFilm. I - for example - have used some NewBlueFX plugins in Sony Vegas Movie Studio. As HitFilm aims to be one program for editing as well as compositing, it would be great to implement other software one has already bought.
Another thing is that I´d very much like to see more presets for the particle generator, as the 3D-implementetion of particle effects is one of the main reasons to buy the software for me. I guess that many people are rather the "preset-tweaking" type of user instead of starting something new from scratch. Also it might be a good idea to arrange some dedicated space in this forum for users to present their own creations for the particle engine ?
Anyway, I like HitFilm already quite alot. Thanks for making it available at such a price!


  • Thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate hearing what features you would like, and you can be sure we're taking note for the future.
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