Maintaining Transparency For Imported Files?



  • Quicktime does support PNG image sequences in a MOV file. It is a codec native to Quicktime.

    Hitfilm does use Quicktime for this type of media file (PNG sequence in MOV).

    Resolve does not use Quicktime ever, and it chooses to not support PNG image sequences in MOV files. I believe it supports PNG image sequences, but just not wrapped in a MOV file.

  • Not interested.

  • Norman,

    Resolve may not use Quicktime, but it supports Quicktime wrapped files, well some anyway.  That may only be on a Mac since the QT support is part of the OS, so don't know what the situation is on Windows.  Resolve does support PNG sequences (just not QT Wrapped ones), but I'm not going to store a few thousand VFX files as folders full of PNG files.  Their explanation (BMD) was that they stopped supporting QT because Apple was not supporting it on Windows anymore.  But I'm transcoding the QT PNG's to ProRes 4444 RGBA, and that is also wrapped in QT and works fine?  I didn't find a solution that didn't end up in a QT wrapper so?

    Personally I'm not a fan of wrappers because they hide what you really have and support varies.


    Phil dropped out of this thread awhile back so his "interest" is not too relevant.  This is not a rare problem (Alpha channel issues).  For something so useful it is surprisingly tricky.  Very few video formats support an alpha channel and a lot of applications make it particularly convoluted to use them.



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