Black ops: THE MISSION

Hey guys!

 So a friend of my just made his first ever, short film "Black ops". So I am spreading the news for him, of his video and his YouTube channel!

He just barely started, so don't go to hard on him, I already let him know some things, like the story, etc. So he will learn, but still not really bad for his first, so I am trying to get him views, and maybe some subs ;) (he does not know that I am doing this, so hopefully he will be surprised)


  • I can appreciate the effort that he and his friends put into this.      I can over look a lot based on the fact that he chose an ambitious action for his first try.  What disturbed my was that it looked like it was filmed on  a late 80's VHS camcorder.  that and the chaotic  hand held camera work.    Possibly an inexpensive Walmart mono pod would have helped.    Also, and possibly he and his friends did not know this but, if someone shot a pistol grip 12gauge like that they would immediately need dental work.    All and all not really bad for a first try.

  • @BobDiMarzio

      Hey, thanks for taking time to watch their film! 

    So I have asked him what camera he used, but I have not gotten a response yet, but I did see that it was 720p at 60 fps, and a Mono pod or a tripod would have helped a lot for sure! I think he does have a tripod, so I would let him know ;) And thanks for the tip on the 12gauge, I probably would have made the same mistake! :lol:

  • Pretty good for a first film!  There are some filmmakers in my area who've been doing stuff for longer, and your friend's film is better than theirs in many aspects.  I wasn't as bothered by the hand-held camera work for the most part seeing that it's an action scene, though there were a few places where it could've been controlled better.  Focus seemed to be an issue in some shots, and there were some other editing, sound, and story items that felt off.  Overall, though, it shows that he really put a lot of thought into the assembly of this film.  There's a lot to like here, and I'll definitely subscribe to see where he goes from here.  Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • @jsbarret

     Thank you for your kind words ;) I cant wait to see him get better, as he grows in his skills! I will let him know what you all have said ;) Thanks for the support!

  • Yeah, what jsbarrett said. I've seen other films from filmmakers that have been creating films for a while and this is better than some i've seen. Also great for a first film and was fun to watch

    Mine first was nowhere near this ambitious 

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    @twhitworth Thank you for your kind words, I will let him know what you have said ;)

    And I agree with you, my first film, was also, not as good as this :lol:

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