Ripple Delete Gap

Ripple Delete Gap not working after deleting media clip from Editor timeline.

Started happening after installing latest update.

Version 6.2.7325.10802

Hitfilm Pro

Windows 10 Desktop Computer


  • Works fine on the Mac version.  There are some situations where Ripple Delete Gap won't work, but it's a tool limitation, not a bug.  For example, if you only have a gap on one track, but other tracks have no gaps, it's not even a selectable option in the popup menu. Every track has to have some closable gap or else it won't work.

    Would you be able to share a screen capture video showing the problem?

  • jsbarrett: Thanks for the comments. I tried using the insert/edit image to include a screen shot, but cannot figure out how to add a PNG or bitmap image. Can you try to add one?



  • The forum can't host images.  You have to host them elsewhere, either on your own web site (if you have one) or using an image hosting service like .  

  • Seems odd to have a forum about video/images but the program can’t upload at least images (Screen shots).  I turned it into support on Saturday, waiting for a reply.  My problem with ripple delete gap is probably user error as usual. Lol

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