Can My daughter get express, she has no social network accounts

HI Guys,


I want my daughter to start using hitfilm express to edit little youtube videos she likes to do but she doesn't have any of the social networks required to download it. What are my options? I'm a Hitfilm studio user so

I could give her one of my pro activations but that's more than she will need for a long time.

Can I get express on her PC without her having any of those accounts?




  • @DreamArchitect There are a couple ways around this that I can think of.  Assuming your daughter has an email address, have her go to the main HitFilm site, then have her create an account (choose "Account" from the menu, and then "Get a Free Account" on the login page).  Once the account is made, I think she'll be able to download Express without needing to jump through the social media hoop, though I have no way of testing the process without making a new account myself, which I'm not going to do.

    Alternately, because you're a Pro user and are logged in on the HitFilm site, you should be able to download Express without any issues.  Move the file to your daughter's computer, then have her create an account (see above) and go from there.

    If neither of those options work, I'll be really surprised.

  • If you already have Express and don't need it, you could deactivate the license on your computer and give it to her. Or, if you want it to be under her own email, you don't actually have to share a social link to get Express.

    Select any of the social media links and then close the window that appears. The next window will allow you to request a download link for HitFilm Express 2017. 

  • Thanks guys.  I didn't know you could go past that stage. I already did the downloading of the installer on my account.  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't breaking any license agreement. Thanks again guys

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