• Nice ! Love the asthetic of the well footage 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Very effective. I like how you inverted the values of your "Sadako" compared to the rest of the well footage. Extra creepy. Good detail with cast shadows on the screen as she walks into the real room. 

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    Well done!  Some really nice stuff in there.

    Edit: Okay, that's very odd.  There was some repetitive video flickering while watching your clip the first time and I thought it was intentional, as it kinda worked to add to the creepy effect.  Then it happened on another embedded video in a different thread, so I refreshed the page and it went away.  So I'm back to watch yours again.  Even better this time! :)

  • Nice sequence and blend of effects

  • thanks for feedback.

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