Hitfilm pro setup options?

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What is the difference between the typical set up vs the complete setup? @DannyDev @inScapeDigital @Triem23


  • I've never used Typical or Complete, so I couldn't tell you. I always use custom so I can put Hitfilm on my D:

    Complete would obviously install everything to a predetermined location. Typical might install everything but Vegas Integration? Hitfilm and Mocha would obviously be essential but Vegas integration does nothing for users who don't have it? 

    Note--even if you install Hitfilm to a different drive a lot of files end up on C:. This is required by the OS. 

  • hey   @Triem23 ,  how do i know that  Vegas integaration has been installed with  Hitfilm ?  what  menu\what do i look for ?  thanks .

    the only  export options i have seen are for   .hfp  and  .hfpcs

    i also use  "Custom" , for the  install path ...ALL  options  were  "Checked" to get installed .

  • @humptylumpy you would check Vegas integration in Vegas. You have two options. Either right-click a photo or video clip in Vegas and look for a Send to Hitfilm type option in the context menu, or drag a hfpr file to the Vegas timeline--the Editor Timeline of a Hitfilm Project should end up being treated as a video clip. 

  • @Triem23 ; , no such animals yet . i will keep trying\look into  where\how this "integration" is supposed to get installed .  thanks .

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