Red Giant?

In the new version of Hitfilm Pro, it's page says Red Giant products are supported inside Hitfilm. I guess this dosen't mean all products since trapcode particular for example, on Red Giant's page says is only available for AE?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Let's clarify a bit. 

    Hitfilm will and can not be compatible with Adobe-specific plug-ins. Adobe uses a custom and proprietary plug in format, where Hitfilm is OpenFX based. Red Giant Universe has an OFX version, thus is Hitfilm compatible. Particular, Tao, etc.

    Looking on Red Giant's site, you'll have to check a product's compatibility matrix. 

    This will apply to other vendors as well. Hitfilm specifically requires OpenFX versions.

    Looking for demo versions helps as well. Using NewBlue FX as an example, NewBlue doesn't list Hitfilm as a compatible host, but the OFX versions (same as Vegas) of their plug ins do work in Hitfilm Pro. 

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