Hitfilm Pro opens with an error that says...

When Hitfilm Pro opens, it always opens with the same message, "Another instance of Hitfilm is already running.  Only one instance is allowed at a time."  I click "OK" and it doesn't open at all.  How do I fix it? Thanks.


  • @starrynight25 restart your machine. Alternatively you can stop every HitFilm process and then you'll be able to start HitFilm correctly.

  • It looks like what it says: There is already an instance running. Check if Hitfilm is running in the background, look at task manager to find out if you have a hidden process called Hitfilm oder Hitfilm render Client.

    I got that sometimes when Hitfilm did not end correct and stays as a hidden process.

  • Movie Studio  has done that to me , when it would  "Crash during  Exit" .  leaving  a Movie Studio process running .

    The real problem is , why  isn't  Hitfilm closing all of it's  processes  ?  for you .  Did  Hitfilm  ever crash ?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @humptylumpy in truth, this is a long standing Hitfilm issue. Sometimes it doesn't exist cleanly, leaving a media server process running in the BG. Seems the process sometimes takes a couple of minutes to close. Using Task Manager to kill the process works. 


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