Is it worth getting Mocha pro on sale now?

Is it worth getting Mocha pro on sale now?  If I do get it, can I export shape/tracking data to any other software then Hitfilm?   I'll tag Javert @inScapeDigital ; since he talked about the sale that's going on. 


  • I mean, $400 off is a pretty good deal. This isn't a regular sale- the last time we had it was back in June/July, so it may not come back again for a while/ever.

    Yes, it can export data to other formats.

  • @inScapeDigital Can after effects use the Mocha pro data from the Hitfilm app if After effects does not have Mocha pro installed?

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    @Andersen01498 sort of. Ae and Hitfilm have different plug in architecture so you won't be able to just slap mocha on an Ae layer. You'll only have access via Hitfilm. 

    But, Mocha Pro can export data to a file format Ae can import and Mocha can render its own output. 

    There's a stand alone version as well. 

    It's a great price. Besides the camera solve and roto modules you'll get object removal, object insert (with warp) stabilization and lens correction modules.

    The lens correction is more complex than that in most software. Instead of a preset warp, you actually define lines that should be straight. This means mocha can learn that particular lens, and you can save out a correction map for later use.

    Object removal is my favorite feature. Check out this video at 58 seconds. This is a handheld shot in crappy lighting, with no clean plate. I used mocha to generate the clean plate, and to roto my actor so I could lay him back over the clean plate and blow him up.

    Actually mocha is used in every shot but two. Screen replacement, roto, and camera tracking for models, proton streams and sky replacement.... 

  • @Triem23 cant you use photoshop to do a clean plate, or is mocha faster in that respect?

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    There's some "it depends" here. On that shot I did use Photoshop to create a patch plate for mocha to use, but, while subtle, there's z-rotation and a little movement on all three axes. Mocha did a better job than the initial test just using a still. Since David was in the center of the frame for the whole shot I did need an image editor to assist. Now, if David had been walking through the shot, mocha would have looked at the surrounding frames and created a patch on its own. 

    But, I'll let Imagineer show you what can be done with this "part 3" tutorial. If I remember this one correctly, no image editing was needed--mocha does all the work.

  • I had no idea Mocha could do object removal.  That's just mind-blowing.

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    I thought it is a very good offer so I got it and played with it a bit last evening. It's faster than the build-in version because of GPU support.

    I did a few object removals which can be done with hitfilm only also. You know - finding free area, blinding that in etc., all with a little work. But the removal with mocha is much faster because mocha does a lot of the work. 

    But I also have to say that I did not use the build in "to the edge". I took some time the last evening watching mocha tutorials since a lot of my tracking as I intended failed, so I did it inside Hitfilm. Conclusion: It's always worth to see tutorials on what can be done. The tutorial of @Triem23 showed me what Hitfilm can do, before that I was only working with Vegas while owning Hitfilm due to the bundle I got. Now It's my preferred editor except for quick assembling of lots of clips and audio which I still do in Vegas.

    I think mocha is very powerful while some things (corner pin, match move etc.) can also be done inside hitfilm or other NLE it's simple fast to do that. So for me after what I have seen so far the price is worth it. And for users doing a lot with mocha already the speed up due to GPU support is nice and important for those of you who do that for business (I do most of my video edit for non-profit).

    For object removal those videos in addition to Mikes suggestion are also interesting showing all the workflow:

    Even if I have problems following Mary sometimes because she speaks so fast. But maybe it's because english is not my mother language.

  • @juda1 play the videos at 0.75 speed. I always play Triem's at 1.5 because he talks slowly and clearly, so can stand being sped up.

  • @Palacono Triems tutorials are perfect to hear for me, Mary is best at 0.5 to 0.4 speed - but then the voice is .... weird :D 

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