How to use 2 monitors.

How can use 2 monitors with the software? I've tried to drag the viewer window to the other monitor but it doesn't work, i would like some help.


  • I believe the software only supports the preview window on a second monitor. Check Under settings.

  • Under Windows: You have to click the maximize button to "unset" maximize if set. Than you can drag the main window to span over multiple monitors if you have set your desktop to expand over multiple monitors.

    As long as the main window is maximized it sticks only to one screen as most programs under window.

  • I tried that, but it is not ideal, since i can't properly control, the placements of the windows, for example: i can't leave the preview in one screen and everything else in another.

  • It is possible, I use that setup. You can freely set the windows.

  • Also, thing that are unmovable and stay in the middle of the screen are almost unusable.


  • @AthosCSoster You can right click a panel and select "Float Panel"

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