I.D. Short Film

Hey whoever sees this! I worked on a short film not too long ago that I would appreciate some feedback on! I'll leave the link here, thank you!



  • I’ll start off with the bad, no offence meant just constructive criticism/observation.

    Some nice framing of shots, but also a few off as well. 

    Pacing of cuts varied in effectiveness.

    Not sure if intentional, but I noticed a fair bit of jello camera work in places.

    Ratio aspect looked a bit off as your black bars were quite thin.

    colour grading varied noticeably.

    not sure if I understood the ending (that might be just me lol).

    Now the good! I liked the reveal with the nail varnish.

    framing of some shots were spot on

    you kept my attention for the whole film

    your intent is obvious even if your current ability at the moment is not quite there yet.

    this might come across as a negative post. I can assure you it’s not, you have a lot going on in this short and you will continue to develop from this sort of feedback.

    well done.

  • +1 to what @GodofThunder said.  I was definitely captivated all the way through, and really like this overall.  The biggest issue for me was the unclear resolution.  I kinda-sorta think I got where it was going, but it was still vague enough to leave me wondering what it all meant.  You don't have to answer every question, but you have to be careful if those unanswered questions are too close to the heart of the story.  That said, there's still a lot to like here, and I definitely want to see more of your work in the future.

  • +1 to what @GodofThunder and @jsBarrett said.

    I liked the bleakness of the color grading.  However if it was used to denote a dream state, then I did not get it.     I was very distracted by the harsh jitteryness of the handheld camera moves and violent whip pans. again if this was an intentional effect it did not work for me.     It reminded me of what happens during handheld shots when the camera  operator bumps into something while moving the camera. 

    From a positive note, the acting for me was superb it translated  a message that there was something was amiss, but not obvious.     I kinda think that the Car Crash sounds indicate that  someone died in the crash and that ID was about Id'ing the body but at this point, it's still a guess. 

  • Thank you guys . This really helps a lot, stabilization was a huge issue for me as I have just started the whole filming thing. I have a theatre competition in the summer that I will need to show my short film at, so I will take this all too mind. I might just refilm it with improved stabilization. Again, thank you for taking your time and critiquing me.

  • @Erisl11 just a thought, subject to the source format (e.g. 4k?) you might have media big enough to play about with stabilizing some shots in post. Of course better to get it right in the first place but that's learning.

    Keep it up. Good luck.

  • Erisl11 I thought you  really had something going on there. The most obvious issue to me was the jitter. Now it absolutely works in some instances but it did take my attention away from the plot of your story. I though it was really good generally as you kept my attention throughout. You sound track was very good.  Regarding the ending I must agree with the comments above. I was left with " did I miss something" because it was hard for me to relate to what was going on outside in relation to what was going on inside. You story idea works well but just needs some refinement. Well done ! 

  • I agree that the jitter was a bit excessive and not sure but in some areas the framerate seemed a bit off, not sure if that was intended or YouTubes fault. Almost seemed like when I would use inconsistent framerate footage, you kind of get a wavy/choppy kind of result. Also when the lady outside was talking  her audio quality was different than the rest of the actors in the short. But that is just my opinion on little things. All in all though you did keep me watching all the way through to the end so very well done.

    Keep up the great work, look forward to seeing more.

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