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Hi All,

I have been using hitfilm express for a couple of weeks now coming from lightworks. I like everything about Hitfilm editing capabilities! But export is giving me some headache. :)

Also would like to say i have read all posts about export performance.

I understand that it mainly uses GPU rather than CPU for exporting but i have a feeling something is not right in my setup so i would like to confirm.

So my project is formed with a bunch of videos from Gopro Hero 5, 1920X1080 and one Audio track from a voice recorder. So normally I delete the Gopro audio and add the recorder one.

I tried  a few different configs, but as an example lets say i export it using the Youtube 1080p HD profile.

A video of 1 hour is taking about 4 hours to export and my system is as follows:

Intel i5 2250-K @ 3.40GHz - 8GB RAM - Windows 10 Pro

GPU - Radeon RX 580 Series - 8GB RAM1


So my questions:

Does it sound about right the time it is taking to export?

Is there a way to optimise it to use more resources and therefore export it faster?

For that video as example it is using about 50% CPU and 27% GPU.

Also, what can I do to save some space in the output videos besides set up export of smaller resolution videos?

Thanks in advance




  • Exporting does take time. Export does not use mostly GPU. It uses a lot of CPU as well. Rendering/encoding an exported file is done on via the CPU.  Effects and compositing are done via the GPU. Media file decode is done via CPU. There really is not anything you can do to change how Hitfilm utilizes your CPU and GPU. It is what it is.

    As for saving space., getting a smaller file, this is entirely dependent on the exported bitrate. It does not matter what the resolution is. A lower bitrate results in a smaller file. Obviously higher resolution videos need a higher bitrate for the same visual quality. The Youtube HD preset in Hitfilm uses a 16Mbps average bitrate.

  •  Thanks for the info NormanPCN. Appreciate it. I just thought it would be possible to do something so I allow the software to use more of the resources available. In reality it is a small price to pay to have such an amazing application.


  • Sounds like you're using the files direct from the GoPro, so they'll be fairly slow to manipulate. Transcoding helps in every way, as I recently noted here:

    Transcode for faster *Export* times

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