INCURSION - A VFX Horror Short Film

IINCURSION is a short film I made using RodyPolis's useful Radar effect tutorial. It turned out quite nicely in my opinion, feel free to give me feedback and let me know what you thought of the film.


  • Tense! Enjoyed it.

    I realise less is more (however for me personally), I would have liked to have seen a briefest glimpse of whatever the things looked like.

  • Nicely put together, but I have 2 notes.

    1) The radar implied the 'thingy' would be coming from the opposite direction to the door. If up is forwards on the laptop, which it generally is on 'alien scanners'.

    2) He took a looooong time to realise things dropping on your hand come from above you, but as this might have had something to do with the fact that he apparently doesn't know forward from backwards, then maybe he's been hit on the head recently?


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    @Austintheweird really good to get something finished out there. I liked the idea and overall the filming was nice. I agree with @Palacono ; the radar blib  appears to be wrong. This along with a couple of scene continuity issues threw of the suspense for me. E.g. He clearly new he was in danger, so coming in and sitting down to setup before locking the door and why the hell did he not pull the sofa across it. This would given me the view cause to believe something bad is going down. I think it also needs a cooler blue tone look to give it that something is off feel.

    Anyway, enough with the comments, like I said I did like it, the camera work was good.

  • Perhaps a quick long (once you're there, hours fly by... :)) visit to to see how other people handle situations, or don't, might be useful?

  • @austintheweird I thought this was awesome. The sound design creates a lot of tension to the point where I was anticipating a much dreaded jump scare, great work!

  • @austintheweird

    good job!

    was these made up in hitfilm?


    And that's how you resurrect a two-year-old thread with just two words.


  • @austintheweird did you use mocha hitfilm for the computer graphic scenes?  I would love to see the behind the scenes look.

  • Oh, wow, this old thread!

    @EvangelineWilliams - Thank-you! I used an instrumental of "Greeting the Menace" by Zack Hemsey. I emailed his website a while back and they gave me permission to use tracks in YouTube videos for free :)

    @Andersen01498 - Nope! Just HitFilm's tracking. I probably rotoscoped some of it.

  • I think you did a good job, but like another user said, a little slow on the drip reaction.


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