How to track a moving camera along a guitar neck

Okay, so I am trying to create a cool tracking shot.  I have an existing video of a guitar with a virtual camera moving along its neck (does a bit of a pan and scale change as well in the very beginning of the shot). I am interested in the neck only.

I want to track the movement and then have text come into view as the camera move down the neck.  How do I track the camera movement so I can attach text to certain points and have the text move along with the virtual camera that is NOT in hitfilm yet, so I assume I would have to create a camera in hitfilm that moves along with the virtual camera or is there a better way to do it - either way, I have to match the dimensions of the video so the text looks correct as it comes into view from the neck animation.

I hope I am explaining this correctly.




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    Make a new Point in comp. Track the move with the trackertool, parenting the tracker to this Point and at the Camera use this newpoint as , mhhh i forgot the Name ...  Look as example in the Videotutorials at the Girl with Holo -helmet 

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    ok. I found it. under layer properties (Camera) parent this point 

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    You're going to need two point tracking.

    Now, no one actually did a tracking tutorial in Hitfilm 2017 that I saw. 2017 added an offset feature to allow you to switch your tracking points when they go offscreen. I'm not 100% how to use it.

    From the shot you describe I suspect you'll be switching points a lot. You'll probably have to track the outsides of frets. Without knowing how you planned on timing text or seeing the original footage I can't be more specific. 

    For 3D camera solves... I don't think mocha could do it. Maybe Autodesk Matchmover. It's free and can export data in .ma format, which Hitfilm can read. Just scale Matchmover's output to 0.1. 

  •  I did buy the full version of Mocha Pro

    I can provide a video if need be so you can see the shot.


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    You'll probably need to do the Extended tracking method, which is mentioned in Josh's video below. Once the point starts to go outside the edge, you ALT+drag move the tracking box back inside to another bot of guitar - doesn't matter what - just as he does to avoid the hand. He covers this at the 4 minute mark.

    Pick a point on the guitar, track it then Transform a point to hold the tracking data as usual.

    Then, scrub through the video and place your text where you want it and while on the same frame, Parent it to the tracked point. It will then move offscreen as you go though the video. To add more text markers you go to the frame where they are, create the text where you want it, then parent them to that same point.

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    Around the 9 second mark till about 14 seconds

    I did NOT create this animation


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    Oh. That's not too bad. In fact, that section doesn't need tracking at all! That could be eyeballed.

    Two point tracking would do it. 

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    I'll have to do it for another project - just too behind schedule at this point.  Finished videos don't look too bad anyway.

    Thank you.


  • Don't know if it was something like this you wanted to do, but this was a simple two point track on two knobs at the end of the head to get the scale changes for the text to use.

    Text 1 was actually on the point, 2 and 3 were just offset and scaled to add a fake 3D look.  They do drift a little because it's not really 3D tracked, but it's fairly convincing for a short clip.

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