Wrong setup or bug - particle sim changes lightning

I wanted the particle sim to spawn some stuff around a tree for a christmas video. But the lightning changes as soon as particles are spawned.

I managed to isolate it into a single comp (I know the setup does not look nice, it is just for demonstration). After 5 seconds the partice sim should spawn squeres around the tree for a few seconds. As soon as the first particle is spawned the lighting of the sceene changes completely. Do I miss something?

The behaviour is different if layer is set to 3D plane which is not intended since the camera is supposed to move around.

Link to project and objects Total size nearly 300 MB

Project file is Hitfilm Pro 6.1


  • No idea anyone? What does support say - why is the scene getting darker as soon as the emitter starts?

  •  I looked at Tree1.obj Composite shot

    Turn the tree layer to 2D - tick illuminated on in materials.

    I left the particle system unrolled -materials - illuminated on

    Lighting seems to be working fine. Your  Christmas balls are currently just spawning as a clump. I didn't look but I assume you haven't set the look up yet.

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