a steampunk web series im doing using only hitfilm 3 pro


  • @RobStilfield  Very nice integration of real people and 3d assets.  I don't really know much about the Steampunk genre but it seemed interesting.  Are all the characters real actors or are some of the background ones generated?  If so, it was done very well that I can't be sure of what I saw.  Kudos.  Waaay above my skill set.

  • the background characters were real people, but in a partical simulator to clone them up.


  • LOVE the concept! You've obviously put a ton of work into it.  Overall it looks really, really nice. My one big complaint: the every-camera-shakes-all-the-time approach gets old very quickly, at least for me.  I got about halfway through this video and couldn't go any further.  If it weren't endlessly shaky, I'd definitely watch more.

  • I love the style.  Great  sets, costumes, acting etc.  Can't  imagine the workload and effort involved.

    Unfortunately  I also had problems following and watching it all with the shakey camera and glitches.

  • I loved it. I filtered out the shaky cam after a while. Seen lots of movies with it in so my brain/eyes combination seems to have acquired an inbuilt version of Mercalli. ;)

    Only thing that jarred was the 'end of reel' text was too crisp and happened too often.  Also, if you're going for film realism, maybe a top right corner 'cigarette burn' to mark the end of the reel coming up at some point? :)

  • Thanks for the advice! The reasoning behind the shaking camera is to keep your eyes off any major flaws.trust me it looks so much more fake if it was still,  but I get that it's too much for some, but you do get use to it. And if you look , there are some cigarette burns in there as well.

  • Darn it, I missed them. Oops, screen's gone white, start the other projector now!

  • Nice work! would love to see a behind the scenes movie on how you did some of this?

  • Ooh, I second, third and fourth that suggestion. :)

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