if i wanted to make something but didn't know what, how would i get insperation? please help.


  • @drowningmanjr ; Tough question... The answer will vary by everyone who responds because really it's a very individual-oriented thing.  I think the best you can do is play to your interests in choosing a type or genre, watch as much as you can in that style on You Tube or DVDs and inspiration will find you rather than the other way around.  It's a mythical thing like trying to find a unicorn or Bigfoot, but I believe it usually revolves around your area of interest.  You'll see a bit or something and think what if? Or why didn't they do that?

  • Inspiration come from biorhythms.  First you're  up, then you're down.

    Hell, I'm in a creative slump right now myself.  You could always try heavy drink and fall back in your own vomit.  It worked for Hemingway.  But hasn't worked for me, so far.

    But seriously, clearing your mind so that ideas have room to fall in is a good tack.  Go on vacation.  Go see films.  Go for a walk in the woods.  Get outside and do something challenging like rock climbing or hiking a new trail.

    I think the key is do something new that focuses your mind on different things. 

    Ever noticed that you just can't quite come up with a word that is on the tip of your tongue, but minutes or hours later, while you concentrate on something else, the word just pops up.   Creativity is like that.  The harder you try to come up with an idea the harder it is to come up with one.  Just let go of trying to hatch an idea and go for a walk. 


  • +a million to what @Stargazer54 said.

    Inspiration doesn't just happen. It comes as a result of what you're doing in your life.  So live!

  • @Stargazer54 is spot on.    Also, Video creation is both art and skill.   So during those times when your your imagination is letting you down,   it would probably be a good time to improve your camera work, compositing and editing.  Watch and master as many relevant tutorials as you can.  Who knows it's possible that this can provide inspiration.

  • I find learning new effects help to spark ideas for shorts, all you do is just right the short based on the effect you want to try.

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