Hitfilm Express crash on startup still in task manager without error message

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Hi when I open hitfilm it crashes I have an older PC with specs not as good as my new one which I’m useing now my specs on this pc are 


this is my first ever forum post so I might be bad at it


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    Oops I hit post

    intel core i3 7100

    ram 8gb

    gpu intel hd 630

    os Windows

    antivirus Mcafee

    please can you suggest what I can do to make this startup

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    @Snowworm ; You don't mention which version of Hitfilm you using but unless I'm mistaken I think the latest Hitfilm and possibly 2017 are operating above the specs of an I3 cpu.  I'm not familiar enough on GPUs to know where yours falls at but if I was guessing I'd say it's under spec too.  But, again, I could wrong about one or both.  Wait for some of the pros to read your post before thinking I'm right.

  • I know it’s not to do with my specs because my old PC would run hitfilm express fine

    but my new pc with better specs is the one with problems on hitfilm express


    for now I’m gonna use Davinci Resolve Video Editor 

    but I will come back to this when I can sort it out


    if anyone else has a solution please comment

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