Missing Ignite Pro 2017 Plugins in Vegas Pro?

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I used Vegas Movie Studio 14.0 for editing; it integrates with Hitfilm, so best of all worlds.

A problem occurred with installing Ignite Pro 2017 into VMS 14 to remove the need to use Hitfilm integration for those effects that were in Ignite. But some of the plugins didn't appear/install.  The answer was simple: VMS wasn't officially supported by Ignite in the first place; VMS doesn't have all the features of Vegas Pro - no 3D for a start - so I was lucky that nearly all of them did. Grading Transfer was among the few that didn't. 

Not a massive problem: I could just use Hitfilm itself for those via the Integration.

But I just got Vegas Pro 14.0 and the missing plugins should work there (those that are supposed to anyway, which is not all of those in Ignite), but  Grading Transfer is still AWOL. I've uninstalled, repaired, rebooted, reinstalled etc. etc. but still no joy. I have a total of 146 Ignite Pro 2017 plugins. Can't see how many I should have, as the webpage is updated for Ignite Pro (2018).

So has anyone else who also used Vegas Pro with Ignite Pro 2017 - or 2018 ? - got Grading Transfer working for them? If you've never used it, can you check if it's available? Cheers. :)


  • There were 150 plugins out of 158 in Ignite Pro 2017 that were compatible with Vegas Pro 14. They are the exact same ones listed on this page minus the ones marked as "NEW".

    Grading Transfer should work however it is a bit hidden in Vegas. All effects in Vegas are split between the "Video FX", the "Media Generators" and "Compositors" tabs. Make sure the compositor effects are visible by navigating the menus View > Window > Compositors. It is a bit confusing but as far as I know this is how Vegas works.

    I'll tag @Triem23 because he knows a lot more about Vegas than I do.


  • @CedricBonnier Oooh....a New window that's not in VMS? Yes, there is Grading Transfer! Hoorah! Thanks! :)

    Sony/Magix have obviously been taking their cues from Douglas Adams on how to hide/display things...they only forgot the "Beware of the Leopard" sign. ;)

  • Wow, I never knew about the Compositors window in Vegas.

    I guess it makes sense. Vegas has no way to reference other tracks from an effect. The 'compositors' seem to be an effect of sorts that use the parent child track relationship for referencing something else.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @NormanPCN The Compositors window first appeared in Vegas Pro 11. Originally you went through the track header under Compositing modes.

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