masking moving text

Ok, so I have some text, and a video in the background. Say theres a box in my video, I want the text to be hidden (in the box) and simply move out of the box. I tried using a mask to the text but the mask moves with the text then added a mask to the video, but I can't seem to tell the text to use that mask.


  • This is easy, but requires a different tool.

    Create the plane to be the box.

    Create the text.

    Add SET MATTE to the text.

    Use the plane as the Source Layer.

    Set the matte type to Alpha.

    Set the blend mode to ADD and check the invert box.

    When the text overlaps the box it will be hidden.

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    yes but the video is now black.. Ill just dup the video, mask the dup to be the box and put the text in between?

  • You can hide the plane layer. You don't need to see it. Sorry, I left that step out. 

    @inScapeDigital Javert you did the tutorial I learned this technique from. Which one was it? 

  • Thanks for your help, but this way is working fine

  • That will work on video with a black background, but what if you want text over moving video? I might try to find that tutorial myself, because you will want to learn this technique. Also, Set Matte is the most powerful compositing tool in Hitfilm, so it's one people should learn. 

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