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Cannot find a export setting that my TV will recognized. I'm new to this program. What am I doing wrong. Will someone point me in the right direction. Needed to get my program on disc for a Christmas viewing. Thanks...Bob Springer


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    The Youtube preset(s), or similar, should work pretty much anywhere on anything that plays modern video. AVC/H.264 video with AAC audio in an MP4 file.

    How are you trying to play the video on the TV.  Via a USB hard drive plugged into the TV? Via a DVD player? Via a Blu-ray player? The later two being stored on a data disc.

  • Thanks for responding. I'm trying to use a old DVD-RW disc with a normal DVD player. Your first sentence tells me that I don't need to buy any additional software which was my first reaction. My knowledge in videos is very limited at best so I'll keep playing around until I find something that works

  • @BobSpringer ; I think you'll need to take one of the files exported from Hitfilm and use DVD authoring software like Nero, or if you have another version like IMGBurn and let it convert that file to VOB as it burns it to disc as a video disc. Then it should play just like a DVD from a store.  Hope this helps.

  • @tddavis is correct. You'll need to use DVD authoring software to burn a disc. 

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    As long as the DVD player can play video files from a data DVD disk you should be able to make that work. Old DVD players may not play data discs and old players that do play data discs might not handle AVC media.

    In that case you need to create a "real" DVD disc and that takes DVD authoring software where you create the menus and such kinda like a DVD movie you buy/rent. In this situation Hitfilm output will be transcoded by the authoring software to the exact format and specs required by DVD. Such video also needs to conform to DVD frame size and frame rate requirements. aka SD and not HD.

  • Thanks for everyone's comments. I was able to get my family presentation done by getting it on a USB thumb drive and it worked fine. Now that I have a little time, I'll try the suggestions above as far as burning it on a disc. Thanks for the help...

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