Drone Montage Tyne river UK

09/07 Took this back in to  edit to practice and added some new footage managed to make some improvements

Montage of  Mavic drone footage i captured of the Tyne river and Newcastle quayside over the past year. Flew the drone mostly between 5am to 6am to avoid people .




  • @Rogyrue Well, I liked it!  From the opening shot with the god rays coming out of the clouds to the end.  Myself, I didn't see any of the issues you mentioned at all, and I was watching for it because you mentioned it.  It would make a wonderful promo piece for the local...well, in the US we call it the Chamber of Commerce, but don't know the name for it in the UK.  Maybe Tourism Board??  I also like the music selection changing for the different times of day.

  • Very nice footage.  Good job capturing it all!   For a "real job" (if you do sell it to the Chamber of Commerce) - use the very best shots.  You have many to choose from.  Nice work.

  • Thanks for the nice feedback tddavis  Stargazer54 .  I was tweaking in the edit for to long so become a bit hyper critical .  I took your advice and sent it off to local tourist board .

    Not having a drone licence in the UK i cant make money from the footage as it would  be classified as commercial use. Thats my understadning of how it works .Been thinking about getting my licence it costs about £1100 for the course in the  UK

  • @Rogyrue Ouch!  That's robbery in my book.  But those ridiculous kind of rules are keep me from getting one myself.  On another note, it was sure nice of your friend with a license to shoot for you.  Hint, hint...wink, wink.

  • @Rogyrue as a fully licensed and insured UK drone operator myself, I have to ask: have you read any of the CAA drone regulations?


  • Palacono  Yes i have and i wont have this conversation here  . You like to discuss it  i be happy to talk about it on the DJI drone forum .


  • Nothing to discuss. You know what you're doing wrong then. You posted the video here, so I'll comment here. No one could use that video because it would be well nigh impossible to even get commercial permissions for several of the more illegal shots. 

  • While I liked the video, some very daring shots (guessing you know your range and battery very well), I found the issue for me was he movement of the drone in some of the panning shots. Take the Angle of the North shot, starts nice, up and around then half way around there is a very jarring moment when the drone pans hard to the left, it just takes me out of the flying/sweeping moment into a mechanical one. Sort this out and  will go up another level.

  • Thanks for the feedback  Andy001z . Your correct i did mess up a few of the sweeping pan shots i  curse myself when i see the  jarring in edit . Mavic is very sensitive  to any stick movment even with the sensitivity setting turned way down. I find the Phantom4 is better suited to this.

    Point of Interest (POI) Mode should avoid this but it limits the approaches you can make to the  pan. Still learning the art  of the   sweeping pan :)

      Also other problem i found was recording at 4K even at 60fps when the drone was flying at speed some times the footage  etc just seems to lag in edit .  Just going to stick to 1080p for all recording in future apart from pictures .

    Hoping  santa will drop/land me a insipre 2 down the chimny



  • @Rogyrue well at least you know about the problem and can avoid it. I wonder if you could not hide those jarring movements with a change in the footage speed, maybe this might mask it?

    I toyed with the idea of getting one, but unless you spent the big £££ it just seems the quality and stabilization issues make it not worth it. Also I need to stop looking for toys and tech to sort my lack of content and make do with what I got.

  • @Andy001z @Rogyrue ;   I purchased a Phantom 4 a year ago and in a short time I found that I was not very good at Filming and Flying at the same time.   After perusing the forums and  youtube, I found the Litchi app.   With Litchi you program the mission with all the necessary parameter, gimbal , height. speed, POI adjustments etc.  and for the drone will fly and film autonomously, you have he capability to plan you mission on your desktop/laptop if your desire,    With the ability to choose "curves" at your waypoints, there is no jarring directional changes.

      I would be doing a disservice  by trying to explain all the features,    do a youtube search and here is their page.   https://flylitchi.com/

  • BobDiMarzio

    Thanks for the link i will check this out . Remember seeing this a while back but was  a bit hesitant to trust a third party app to fly my drone. Looks  like it would be good and i can see why many people would use it . Only problem i have with it is i enjoy flying and being in control even if its not as good as automated drone.


    Yes a few tweaks i could hide the jarring. I would recommend you give drones a try . The phantom 3 standard if a great drone and its only £399. You can capture some quality footage with it that you can trow in to hitfilm and create.

  • @Rogyrue

    With all the weirdness associated with DJIGO4, I only use Go4 for calibrations ,  integrity validations and  sensitivity adjustments.   I do 99% of my flying including  all manual flying with litchi.   I understand your concerns.   I think I toyed with Litchi for a month before my first autonomous flight  That flight was a slow orbit around a large parking lot early on a Sunday morning.  It was another month before I sent it beyond VLOS.     I will also add that the majority  of my autonomous flights are in wilderness areas.       Also,  the drone completes the mission even when you lose signal.  The first time it happened I was nervous for a few minutes, but happy when I heard the drone in the distance.

    I've attached a youtube video by a youtuber named Dirty Bird.  Full disclaimer what he does is completely illegal in the US and I imagine Europe.  However he does demonstrate what can be done with autonomous flight for filming. 



  • Thanks  BobDiMarzio interesding to hear how you use it . I might give it a try in future.  Signal loss is a scary thing happened to me a few times i just let it hover now . had a drone crash before on RTH from  alost signal  its OA did not work so i always have  the hover setting on now . 

  •  @BobDiMarzio ; I know nothing about drone flying but it looked like to me he had a fantastic range on that thing plus an uninterrupted shot that would make Orson Welles...er...salivate.  The night shots are always beautiful when you have the lights and the water.  Thanks for posting that.

  • @tddavis

    I agree his stuff is great.  If you go to his channel, he has a lot of his recon flights that he uses to design the longer flights.  Me, I don't have the stones to do flights light that.


    I slapped together a quick video showing how I use Litchi.  Litchi has a free flight school that goes over all the parameters in detail. 

    One can program a mission using their device or their PC/Mac My device screen is too small, my fingers are too fat. and I would need serious reading glasses to see the letters/numbers on my Ipad Mini4 so I program my missions using the online mission hub.

    So the attached video is raw footage of a mission from several months ago.  I never did anything with it because honestly, It did not meet my expectations.

    I threw in a screen grab of the mission and some rudimentary example on how a mission is entered.


  • BobDiMarzio

    Thanks Bob for putting this together  for me . I will give it a try in the new year . If the drone goes AWOL  i will let you know :P .

    One other question Bob why dont you post some of your drone flight on the forum ? always good to see what others are doing with them :)

  • @Rogyrue ; Thanks I should .     I  really do not know how many gigs of drone footage I have shot.  I know it's a lot  Usually after reviewing the footage, I say to myself.  "I know I could do better"   That and I do prefer shooting over  editing. :) 

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    @Rogyrue  What is the source of the first orchestral music track?

    Is it real library music or available for free use?

    Nice work across the board -- I like the day-glo flash transitions...

  • BobDiMarzio

    Stick your footage in the editor have some fun with it and post it . I think we all say to are self we could do better once we review are analyses footage . Good way to learn by knocking out little projects

    Davlon Thanks , and the music is from Audio Jungle i picked up a few packs on sale over the past few years on the market place  managed to build up a library . Also used unreal market place to buy some cheap sound effects & music that are good quality




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    09/07 Took this back in to  edit to practice and added some new footage managed to make some improvements. Feedback are ideas for improvements always welcome .


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