[RESOLVED] local (masked) blur on a layer that already has effects looks weird

Desired effect: smooth local (masked) blur (HitFilm 4 Express)

Composite shot. I load my footage on the base layer and apply the desired effect (e.g. auto color correct) until the general image looks the way I want. 

Then I copy the layer on top of that layer and apply a blur effect. So far so good. But when I then draw a mask on this layer the color of that spot gets corrected in a very weird way (usually overly bright or heavily over saturated) so that spot really stands out.

What am I doing wrong here? Thank you for your help! :-)



  • Sorry, I should have looked a bit harder. Still learning ;-)

    For those who wonder: a grade layer is what I should create in stead of duplicating the base layer.

    Thanks anyway! ;-)

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