Fire with Fractal Noise?

Yes, I started a discussion with this a couple weeks ago. However, I really didn't get the answer I was looking for (thanks anyways). I don't want to use stock footage for the sake of it being my own work. Does anyone here know how to make a decent-looking fire with fractal noise?

Here's my attempt: Some sort of fire thingy-ish


  • @JazzyLevFilms Have you tried using HitFilm's fire effect?

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    Have you seen this? HF's fire effect as JMcAllister mentioned. Might shed light on your endeavor

    The last video shows how Tony Cee "fakes" AE's turbulent displacement in HF

  • I can't think of Hitfilm specific fractal noise fire tutorials, but Ae ones should work. 

    Fractal noise controls are basically the same between software, glows are generic. Main thing is to use Heat Distortion instead of Turbulent Displacement. Consider turning Diffusion in the Heat Distortion to 0, especially if stacking multiple Distortions. 

    Visionary Universe Fire has an excellent one.

    The Fire filter is good if you have the Destruction Add-On for Express or own Pro. Inscape Digital did a recent breakdown of the controls.

    And this classic Simon Jones tutorial is excellent.

    Finally, don't overlook Hitfilm's bonfire effect. This can be stacked with Fractal Noise, Fire Filter or stock footage fire as well. 

  • Thanks guys. I did forget to mention though, I only have HitFilm Express 2017, so I don't have the built-in fire effect. Either way, thanks for the help!

  • @JazzyLevFilms Great news, you do have the effect, I have Hitfilm 2017 open right now and I can see (in a composite shot) the following FIRE effects. Bonfire, Fire Explosion, Magical Fireball and Mystical Fire. You should have those also. Just use the search box and enter fire. Good luck.

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    @Andy001z well, those limited particle FX aren't as flexible as the Fire effect in the Destruction Pack, but they might work. 

  • Agreed @Triem23 but I was just checking if our man here had seen those build in effects.

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    @Andy001z Actually, Bonfire and Fire Explosion are both pretty useful. Fire Explosion looks pretty good as long as you cut away before it sucks up. 

    Trick is to layer multiples up with slightly different settings to build variety. 

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    Ok, got it. Thanks!




    Also, I'm a girl 

  • I did a little test to see what I could come up with. This is the bonfire effect layered on top of fractal noise:

  • @JazzyLevFilms ; No need to qualify your gender.  You're an animator, just like everybody else

    There are no stupid questions (just stupid answers - but fortunately very few of those here).  Everyone is here to help and learn.


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