BCC on HitFilm Pro 6 ?

Hi there,

i just buy HitFilm Pro 6 a week ago and it seems like i have trouble with the Plugins. I have read the the BCC is still part of HitFilm Pro 6, but i can´t find them. I just reinstall HitFilm Pro 4 to take a look and all BCC plugins exist. But not in HitFilm Pro 6. 

So what do i wrong ? 





  • try to do that:
    Remove everything in "C:\ProgramData\FXHOME\HitFilm Pro\ofxPluginCache" to clear the OFX plugins blacklist

    from: Hitfilm Pro does not loas OFX plugins


  • Hi,


    this does not work on OSX. But i have found a solution. It looks like BCC is not part for the HitFilm Pro 6 installation for OSX. I install an older Pro Version (4). In the directory /Library/OFX are two other dirs. /plugins and /hitfilmpro. Just copy the BCC_OFX_3D_Objects.ofx.bundle from the /plugins to the /hitfilmpro dir. This seems to work.




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