Dual Monitor

I cannot get a dual monitor setup to work on my system. I'd previously assumed HitFilm Pro (currently using 2018) wasn't capable but have read many posts where people do this. I can float the viewer window but has the "not possible" icon (circle with diagonal line) when dragged over the second monitor. Monitors are set to extended desktop and I do not have issues doing the same in other software (ie Vegas for which i use a two screen setup all the time)

Video card is a Radeon R9 390X




  • Does full screen preview work? CTRL+SHIFT+F


  • @TimStannard You will have to select a screen to display the full screen preview on. Look in the Viewer > Options > Set Screen. You can then turn it on & off via Viewer > Options > Full Screen Preview, or just press Ctrl + Shift + F as @Aladdin4d said.

  • What you CAN do beside that: Do not maximize the window because maximized window is locked to one screen.  Drag window size and position to fit the complete Desktop. Now you can place any window inside hitfilm anywhere because it's always inside the main window.

    Sometimes that layout is more useful than a Setup with one full Screen preview because you can set the Viewer on one Screen e.g. allowing you to work inside it while working inside full Screen preview is not possible.

  • One way I thought of to get around the-almost full-screen view with a single monitor would be a hotkey feature to change the screen layouts.

    Be good if they would add this feature.    

  • Oh, for goodness sake! How can I possibly have used HitFilm for so many years without knowing all the above? I'm such an ignoramus! Thanks to all.

  • Tim Well, Full screen preview wasn't added until HFP 2017. If you started on, say, HFP 3 or 4 it might have been a feature you missed among the other hundreds of tweaks. :-) I've been on Hitfilm since 2 Ultimate and there's still things that come up that make me slap my forehead and "D'oh!"

  • Thanks, Mike, for giving me the perfect excuse. Like you I started with HFP2U :)

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