Resolve 14 and Fusion 9 support?

We are quite interested in Ignite, but would want it used with Resolve 14 and/or Fusion 9 (both on a Mac). Do you have a timeframe for Resolve 14 support? Any chance of adding Fusion 9 support? We like node-based workflow with the low price.


  • @CarmiWeinzweig Resolve 14 is supported already. Fusion isn't supported yet but we are investigating the possibility of adding support for it in the future. There is no timeframe for that yet though.

  • Good to know it works with 14. You might want to update your requirements page which still says Resolve 10/11.  I am curious about Fusion support (I’ve toyed with it a bit, but haven’t made the node-based leap yet),  I’ve seen many plug-ins that support Resolve and Nuke, but not Fusion. What I don’t understand is why. I thought they all are OFX-based, so something works in the other two, why not in the third? (Same question goes for extensions that support Resolve but not Nuke.)

  • The website has been updated to mention Resolve 14, it had been forgotten.

    Yes, they are OFX plugins however the Ignite plugins check the host name to not load for hosts that haven't been tested internally. The reason for this is to prevent to crash the host if some plugins are not compatible.

    Stating that a host is supported means that we have tested every plugin on every supported platform, which is a significant amount of work for a new host. We're not averse to it, we just need a bit of time to consider it / do some testing.

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