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I do not approve your hitfilm Pro sales campaign. a person who bought hitfilm pro 350 euros must spend 186 euros to get an update. while those who buy today the complete package hitfilm pro pay 200 to have it complete and new. It is not correct and professional. And anyway if the price had been honest, many users would have switched to the new version. pity that your upgrade policy is wrong and unprofessional


  • HitFilm Pro no longer includes Ignite Pro. That's pretty much the entire reason the price was lowered.

  • @Ardita I'm sorry you feel this way. I should point out that a new license of HitFilm Pro is $299 (or 331€ at the time of writing) not 200. The prices in Euros are higher because they include VAT whereas prices in dollars don't.

    As inScapeDigital points out, HitFilm Pro used to contain Ignite Pro as well but we have now split the two because of users feedback. People that didn't need Ignite didn't want to pay for it, which is fair and that's why we separated the two and decreased the price of a brand new license of HitFilm.

  • thanks for answering me, I'm very happy to talk with you. Congratulations for everything you do.
    But even so I keep thinking that Hitfilm upgrades should cost a lot less. What you get from this:
    1. more pro customers at all upgrades
    2. New customers happy to be Hitfilm pro users.
    Take example "Apple" upgrade, many free and many offered with a small sum of money. This leads to an incredible increase in users worldwide.

  • It's not as simple as "make it cost less, then more people will buy". The upgrade price is carefully considered every year.

    Everyone thinks everything should cost less, or be free. But that's not how it works.

  • And to add to @inScapeDigital ;comment 'not how it works' Hitfilm products cost money to make, it is a company and that means if it can not fund itself it will go bust. Sure investors can help carry a company but it has to have a good sound business model, to which I say Hitfilm has lead the way in that area. Take Hitfilm Express, its FREE, sure it costs to have more features but it still offers LOADS out of the box and if you want to upgrade it they offer flavored options to meet the needs of VFX and content creators and if you want to go PRO they will discount your purchase against what you have spent on Express, now that's fair.

    Sure it would be nice if it was cheaper but the cost has to be fair for both the user and the business, or we will loose this very supporting company.

  • Be thankful that fx home easily could have gone the adobe subscription route but they didn't 

  • sorry my bad english was just a piece of advice to raise the revenue sorry

  • IScap digital: 

    excellent answer a hug I will try to buy it


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