Holiday Snow Globe Made in HitFilm


Was looking at doing a 30 second video for the Holidays for work and found an tutorial on an snow globe decided to make one for work. I edited slightly to post here.

I would like to thank SWTVHowDidTheyDoThat for the tutorial on the snow globe, which is what mine is based on. The tutorial is on YouTube:

I did however use a different method for making my base then what SWTVHowDidTheyDoThat tutorial showed. 



  • Looks good! If I may... might add some Christmas colors for a background? Black is a Friday the 13th thing???? :-)

  • @catseye2500 ; Looks nice, and so glad you posted it too.  I needed a reminding.  I made a little holiday clip last year using a snowglobe hanging like an ornament for a possible Hitfilm playlist of Holiday greetings that didn't get off the ground and I need to make something else this year just in case.  I'm not advanced enough to do something quick like the pros here. I require planning, planning and more planning for a 15 sec vid!

  • @GrayMotion, you are right, should have used the background I used for the video I made for work. If I get some time, I will repost with the bckground. @tddavis, glad you liked it and that it was a helpful reminder for you.  

  • Nice, liked it, looks good, if say you had a fireplace mantel as the background you could have the glob showing that behind, only warped with the bulge effect.  I like it however.

  • Stargazer54Stargazer54 Moderator
    edited December 2017

    @catseye2500 ; That looks great! Very nice.

    (maybe brighten up the text inside globe just a touch)  But very nice and clean. Looks good.

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