Which VR headsets are going to work in the future?


Is there any chance that Action Pro will be Occulus Rift compatible? HTC vive is a great option but many VR users like me has already bought the oculus rift and occulus touch .


Thank you!


  • FxHome never comments on new features before release. One can hope it's a future update.

    Ask here. :) 


  • Thank you Triem!

  • Hey @Jfrog - while the current development work has focused on the HTC Vive (mainly because of the default hand controllers) we would try to make any future VR interface also work with Rift and Windows Mixed Reality as quickly as we possibly could.

  • @JoshDavisCeo would the samsung vr headset be a possibility 

  • @JoshDaviesCEO Thank you very much for the info. It is appreciated!

  • @Andersen01498 We'll be aiming to get the Samsung Windows Mixed Reality headset and hand controllers working.

  • Many people think that Google Goggles is the best VR headset for Android, and actually I am quite agreed with them. But yes, Action Pro is great too and since I am using the Occulus Rift, I will stick to Action Pro anyway.

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  • What about the DJI Goggles ? They have dual FullHD screens, head tracking a HDMI input and updatable software for new functions...

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