[Answered] mocha not available in Demo?

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I downloaded the latest version of hitfilm pro, but ... I discovered that mocha hitfilm was not in the hitfilm effects panel. I searched the "base" application (C: / program files / FXHOME / Hitfilm Pro) and nothing ... I need help because I need mocha for my projects. (I must add that I downloaded the trial version of hitfilm pro, it is not the paid version).

Thank you.

I really need help...


  • Hi Pabloip,

    I'm pretty sure that Mocha is not available in demo mode.  It would become available after you pay and activate the software.

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    Hi, I bought the new version of HF pro and mocha is included, you need to activate the software before you can launch it, mocha is not situated in the HF install directory, it should be here: C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\HitFilmPro\mochaHitFilm5.ofx.bundle

  • Hi,

    Thanks for all. But I can not find "Common Files" in "C:"

  • Is it possible to know how to activate Mocha Pro VR plugin?   I paid for it but can't open Hitfilm without bypassing the OFX plugins.

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     hi pablo, "program files" is the full directory name of programs folder,  you mast have 2 folders one "programs" and another "program x86", click on the first one or just try to copy and paste the path on the top of one windows folder window

  • @Pabloip @TTSProd is correct. Mocha (and Boris) is not available in the HitFilm Pro Demo. You have to have paid for Pro or be running Express and have paid for the Mocha add on pack.

  • Confirmed,mocha is no more loaded in hitfilm new version evenif u activate it..

    I have newblue titler pro 5in HF 2017 everything is ok But the latest version dit not support Ofx...Going back to my best Frnd 

    HF 2017....

  • @Pabloip & @PakVfxStudio - If you are having issues with mocha loading in HitFilm Pro please contact support here. But from looking at your accounts, neither of you have a valid license for HitFilm Pro & as has already been stated, OFX (which includes both mocha & BorisFX) is disabled in demo mode. 


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