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in hitfilm pro is it possible to draw MASK on the Plane Layer and use it as Matte ???

i try to do this tutorial of videocopilot and using SET MATTE on my footage, but Plane layer dont works like Solide layer in AE

Help me


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    Yes, create a mask on a Plane Layer and use it as a Set Matte. ;)

    Actually, put the Masked Plane at the bottom of the layer stack and put a Grade Layer above it and point the Set Matte effect at the Grade Layer, or the Mask is ignored.

    Even though you can't see the Plane Layer, if you select it you can still draw masks on it while viewing the video layer above it.

  • ok coool that work

    it's simple to do but complicated to understand how that work

    big thanks Palacono

  • Alternative.

    Mask your plane. 

    Right-click the plane and select "Make Composite Shot." when the box asks what to do with masks, effects, etc, select "move with layer" 

    Now use the new embedded composite as the Source Layer.. 

    What I said and what Palacono said both work. Use whichever is easier for you. 

    Reason why: When Hitfilm uses a "Source Layer," it looks at the raw layer before adding masks, effects, etc." So using Set Matte directly on the plane sees the plane before the mask. A grade layer is a copy of everything below it, so the" raw layer"has the mask. An embedded composite shot shot is everything inside it as a layer, so, again, it has the mask applied. 

    I hope this makes sense because you'll need to use these techniques a lot in Hitfilm. 


  • thanks Triem23, i love this method too, it's simple.

    Merci beaucoup

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    thanks guys

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    Only problem with the composite shot version is it doesn't really work with animated masks, because once you've sent it into its own comp you can't edit it any more.
    Well, you can, but you need to go into its comp and edit it blind, or with another copy of the footage under it, which you then need to remember to hide when you've done animating it, or it'll show in the master comp.

    But for those times when you need more than one Mask+Set Matte in the same Master comp, doing that to several sub-comps with their own masks is the way to go, as you can only have one thing at the bottom of the Master comp layer stack with a Grade Layer above it as a 'Mask and Effects Flattener'.

  • @Palacono but an embedded comp can be proxied. There are pros and cons to grade layer vs embedded composite, depending on the shot or source layer one is generating. I start laying out both techniques if needed and let each user figure which works best for him or her. 

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