Can someone explain noise reduction?


So I'm a relative noob to creating video, and I'm trying to understand something about both the audio and video noise reduction tools.

Both tools require you to take a sample of the said noise. Makes sense. 

But is my only sampling option the clip that I have pulled to the timeline from the trimmer? 

For example. We have a raw shot loaded into media. We scrub through and set the in and out points of what we need. We then pull it to the timeline. 

At least that is what I do. 

But say we now watch the put together cut in on the timeline and notice a clip with a noticeable amount of sound noise. 

So we go to fix it. I grab the noise reduction tool and throw it on the sound file in the timeline. 

But then I have to take a sample of the sound. But I have already trimmed away the background noise before dialog begins.. So there is no "quiet background noise" to sample.... But there is in the raw clip. 

How do I do this? Does this even make sense? 



  • Temporarily either grab another copy of the clip to grab a noise sample and copy/paste the effect (also useful for multiple clips from the same recording) or drag out some of the clip temporarily to grab the noise sample.

    I'm away from my computer, but I believe the noise sample is taken from the playhead position. You might be able to grab the sample from a small gap in the middle of the clip or a pause between words. 

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