Vegas Pro 12 Slow Integration Problems

I am using Hitfilm 4 Pro with Sony Vegas Pro 12 using this Workaround. Recently the integration has become slow. With simple composites only containing masking, Vegas freezes for sometimes minutes after switching back.
Any help to solve this problem would be appreciated.
I am using Hitfilm 4 Pro 64bit
on Windows 10 Home Fall Creators Update (Already had the problem before upgrading)
Intel Core i7-4790 at 3.6 GHz
12 GB of RAM
AMD R9 255 Graphics card

I am guessing it is either my Vegas Version or my Graphics-Card, since it is rather low-end.



  • Any idea at all, what might help?

    Reinstalling the Software? (which I would prefere not to do, since the workaraund is quite a tedious procces to me)
    Getting a better Graphics Card? (Since Hitfilm appearently requires a good one)
    Getting later software, and if so of what?

  • Sorry, but Vegas 12 interaction is broken. It will never be fixed (current version of Vegas is 15 and Hitfilm has gone from version 3 to 6.

    No one can offer tech support for a hack to obsolete versions. 

    Hitfilm v6 (current) works properly with Vegas 14 and 15.

  • has the Vegas Pro 15 upgrade from any previous version for $179.00 right now with and there's an additional 5% off coupon code. Ideally you want that AND the latest HitFilm Pro with Studio AND a better video card. That's a lot! You might want to re-evaluate what all you're actually using before spending any money. Once you assess what you need vs what you like to have just in case, but have never actually used, there's a good chance there's a combination available now that'll save you a nice chunk of change. It might be that Vegas 15 with HitFilm Express and/or Ignite Express or Pro ends up doing everything you need or you might end up chucking Vegas completely in favor of HitFilm Studio and Resolve. Hard to say really.

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