Realistic Fire with Fractal Noise in Express?

So I only have the Express version of HitFilm although my 13th birthday is coming up (hint-hint, Dad...). I attempted to make a fire with fractal noise and it turned out to be an ugly monster. Do any of you gurus out there have any idea of how to make fire with fractal noise, and if so could you make a video or just explain it?

Here's the link to my fire attempt. Try your hardest not to cringe, but I guarantee you still will...


  •  @JazzyLevFilms ; Eh, it's not all that bad of an attempt.  Reminds me of hypervoxels in an old version of Lightwave, and I have seen worse in video games. Not a guru or even a guru apprentice, but have you looked for free fire assets at ProductionCrate

    or other places.  RodyPolis as some outstanding free downloads of various things

    There is also a Bonfire effect in 4 Express so I assume it carried over to 2017 Express as well and there are sparks to go with it under the Folder Quick 3D.  I used it in my Jupiter crash recreation and turned off the fire part and tweaked the smoke so it is pretty customizable. It might help.

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    OK, thanks. But I am still wondering how you'd use fractal noise to make fire, for the sake of it being even more customizable and my own work. I've seen it done in After Effects but don't know how to transfer the same steps to HitFilm Express. And I have tried tweaking the bonfire too. Anyways, thanks!


    Edit: I did download the RodyPolis Fire stock a while ago, just haven't gotten to converting or using it because I'm so busy with school.

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