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Hey Community, 

I just quickly wanted to ask if it is possible to create Shots, in which I am abled to get a Scribble effect which is quite common in newer music videos.

There is an tutorial for it on how to do it with AE, but not on how to get such an effect done with HF Express.  If you need further Information on which I mean, watch the AE-Tutorial under The following link:


Thanks for your help. I appreciate that. 


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    @Star67  I don't believe there is that exact effect in Hitfilm Pro or Express, and I most certainly may be wrong as I am not an expert.  However, I think by importing PNGs of the effect (scribble) you want with transparency and then clever masking animated to reveal a little at a time you might be able to get the desired result.  The masking will be intensive to be sure...

  • You can. 

    This is a LOT easier in After Effects. Ae has the paintbrush tool, Hitfilm doesn't. You would literally have to mask a while plane on every frame with a mask for every stroke. 

    If you have any other paint programs your best bet is to use Hitfilm to export image sequences, then edit each frame in a paint program. Even that will be tedious. 

    Frame by frame animation is tedious. 

  • Would be great if they considered adding this to Hitfilm to be honest... 

  • It would still take a lot of work (as @Triem23 says, anything frame-by-frame is tedious), but with the Neon Path effect in Pro, you could make this effect, and get real-time feedback.

    Make a completely blank comp (I'm calling mine "Mask Source").  Drop that into a new comp ("Drawings").  Above Mask Source, add a grade layer ("Neon Path"), and add the Neon Path effect to it.  Open it up in the Controls tab and make the following tweaks:

    • Leave the Path From property set to Mask, and set the Layer property to point to the Blank comp.
    • Twirl open the Path property category, and change the start width and end width to the same value.  3 is the default, but if you want fatter lines, this is where you set it up.  To get a look like that in the examples above, you'll probably want a line width between 10 and 20.
    • Twirl open Inner Glow and reduce the Width to zero.
    • Twirl open Core, and change the color if you wish.
    • Twirl open Mask, and uncheck Use Source.

    Now move to the Mask Source comp and start making lines with the freehand mask tool.  If you don't want them closed, just don't close them.  As you draw, you should see the lines created by the Neon Path effect, which works on unclosed lines as well as closed ones.  You'll have to click back onto the Mask Source layer in the layer stack to start each new line, so it's not quite as clean as just drawing freehand like the AE demo shows, but it's about as close as you're going to get for now.

    Also, instead of drawing new lines every frame, you'll just animate the mask lines you made if you want them to move significantly.  If you want the lines to wiggle and look more organic, just play with the Distortion properties of the core.  Make sure to uncheck Blend on Top (under Core --> Distortion), or else you'll get both your original line and the distorted line together.

    The trickiest part would be if you wanted to add or remove lines as you go, which would require careful planning and keyframing the visibility of individual masks.

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