I'm Grateful For Hitfilm

Been gone from the forum for a bit because the team here at Clueless Nube Productions has been hard at work on our upcoming box office smash hit named "My Movie!!"   I don't want to give too much of the plot away but it's about this kinda clueless geezer guy who gets in a lot of trouble for lying about his video projects on forums, but then is rescued from a Russian prison by Diane Lane in a very skimpy outfit.  Look for it soon on NutFlix. 

Given that I'm about 30 pounds more expansive than I was this time yesterday (Happy Thanksgiving!) I thought I'd take a moment to celebrate the holiday by declaring how grateful I am for Hitfilm.  BURP!

I was totally confused by Hitfilm at first, but I figured out what the problem was.  The Hitfilm programmers seem to have totally forgotten to install an automated Alzheimer's filter, the moron detection system appears to be broken, and the IQ booster only works when a scan of the user detects an IQ which can be boosted.  But once I made my way around all these HUGE BUGS in Hitfilm, everything started to make sense, and I found myself spontaneously breaking out in the happy dance of joy.  The programmers are hereby pardoned, even though I doubt they are turkeys.

Seriously, Hitfilm has been my favorite discovery of 2017, and it's taken all my video hobby projects to a new level.  I'm still far from an expert, but basic operations now seem pretty obvious, leading to fun times for all.

So this is the official Thanksgiving declaration from Clueless Nube Productions announcing my gratitude to the Hitfilm Gods for sharing such a useful tool at such a generous price. 



  • Well. Glad support git its act together. 

    I just had my biggest laugh of the day, Phil, and, considering I just finished this insanely long and brilliant climax chapter to a "Lovecraftian" travel log of my current Antarctica trip after reading my lovely Laura's lighthearted version  and have been chortling away for three hours, that's something.

    Also, Diane Lane in a skimpy outfit is always a good thing as far as I am concerned. 


  • Your current Antarctica trip?  Really?

    I talked to Diane, and she said that if you want to hire her for your Antarctica trip movie, the whole skimpy outfit thing has to go.  Sorry, you know how these big stars are, fussy, fussy, fussy.

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