New version 2018

Looking at the effect's menu on 2018 version I did not notice the Boris Continum effect.Has this been done away with on 2018, or am I just noticing it?



  • @rick1 HitFilm Pro (version 6.0) is bundled with BCC11. If you type "Boris" in the search box, does it find anything?

  • Hi Cedric, was just curious.Just watched Triem' s new Hitfilm 2028 video and never saw it so was just wondering.usually see it in the effect's list and never noticed it.

  • @rick1 one thing I should probably mention is that if you use the demo version of HitFilm, then no OFX plugins will be loaded. They only load when HitFilm is activated. This means that the demo won't let you try either Boris Continuum Complete nor mocha HitFilm.

  • Never use demo Cederic. Forgot Triem was using a demo version.Looking forward to using new version in the morning, and surprised it is cheaper, Wife Is over the moon.


  • Demo and beta. Being away from my computer for a month, I was genuinely surprised by a lot of what's in the final release, and can only assume the team had a very busy month.... 

  • Just loaded 2018, up till now it is absolutely brilliant especially the editor timeline

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